Take the Quiz: Do You Know Your Rights as an Air Passenger?

Travellers are entitled to new compensation requirements under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations. Take the quiz to see if you know your rights at the airport and in the air!

Canada’s new Air Passenger Protection Regulations reinforce the adage, “time is money”.

If you get stuck on the tarmac for hours, would you know your rights? What if you are denied boarding? Or, your baggage is lost or stolen? You are entitled to certain standards of communication, treatment, and in some cases compensation.

As of July 15, 2019, travellers have new rights under the Canadian Transportation Agency’s (CTA) Air Passenger Protection Regulations, also known as the passenger bill of rights, at the airport and in the air. The new initiative was last amended on December 15, 2019, which means some of the obligations, regulations, and compensation requirements are quite new.

Test your knowledge to see how well you know your rights in the event of air travel troubles.

The Passenger Bill of Rights Doesn’t Replace Travel Insurance

These new rules also protect the airlines, however, clarifying situations outside the airline’s control don’t require compensation. This could include a medical emergency onboard, a natural disaster, or mechanical problems.

Under these circumstances, you may not qualify for compensation under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations, which means you may be out of luck unless you have travel insurance.

The right travel insurance can cover flight delay, baggage loss or delay, emergency medical expenses, trip interruption or even trip cancellation. At Kanetix.ca, you can find the right travel insurance for the coverage you need.

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