Top 10 Cars in Canada

The year 2019 was another good one for the Honda Civic. For the 22nd year in a row, the Civic has come out on top as Canada's best-selling car. Since 1997, the Civic has been, hands down, Canada's favourite car.

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Canada's Best-Selling Cars in 2019

Eight out of 10 of Canada's best-selling cars had a starting sticker price of less than $25,000. That tells us that Canadians are cost-conscious when it comes to buying a new vehicle. So, if you'll be buying a new car in 2020, you'll want to look at more than the price of it when getting ready to make the purchase; there's the cost of auto insurance and gas to factor in too.

Depending on how often you drive, there's a good chance you spend as much on fuel each year as you do on your auto insurance coverage—which is why it's important to budget for both.

Let's start with the gas money you'll need each year to fuel up one of Canada’s best-selling cars.

Rank Model Estimated Annual Fuel Cost*
1. Honda Civic $1,670 - $2,707
2. Toyota Corolla $1,621 - $1,839
3. Hyundai Elantra $1,791 - $2,275
4. Mazda 3 $1,839 - $2,105
5. Volkswagen Golf $1,767 - $2,820
6. Volkswagen Jetta $1,670 - $2,081
7. Kia Forte $1,670 - $1,839
8. Toyota Camry $1,186 - $2,226 (Includes the Camry hybrids)
9. Kia Soul $2,033 - $2,105
10. Honda Accord $1,210 - $2,226 (Includes the Accord hybrid)

And who knows? If gas prices rise you could be paying even more. While the average price of gas in Canada in 2019 was lower than the previous year, it’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen this year.

The average price of regular gasoline last year was $1.208. How much did you pay last time you visited the pumps?

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But what happens if there are a few cars that have made your short list? Rates can vary significantly depending on the car you drive, and the cost of coverage may influence your purchase decision. We can help you on this front as well.

If several vehicles have caught your eye, you can easily compare quotes for each of them. Run a quote for the first one on your wish list and then update it with the next vehicle that’s in the running (no need to re-enter everything, all you need to do is modify your vehicle selection). It’s super simple because choosing a new car can be complicated, but we can help you make your purchase decision easier.

* Annual estimated fuel cost is based on driving 20,000 km per year—a realistic distance for the vast majority of Canadians—at fuel prices that are estimated to be $1.21/L for regular, $1.41/L for premium, and $1.23/L for diesel. This information comes from Natural Resources Canada's Fuel Ratings Tool and does not include the costs associated with driving a plug-in hybrid electric model or battery electric vehicle. Keep in mind that consumption varies within a model due to options chosen when the car is purchased, as well as how you drive, traffic, and road conditions.


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