Top 10 Congested Intersections in Toronto

As the most populated city in Canada, it goes without saying that Toronto streets have some of the worst traffic. So as a part of a city-wide congestion management project, Toronto Mayor John Tory recently announced 10 of Toronto's busiest intersections and further plans to improve traffic flow and safety.

Toronto's 10 Busiest Intersections

Transportation Services used traffic data to identify the most traffic-heavy intersections in Toronto, measuring traffic speed during peak periods on weekdays versus regular free-flow conditions. As a result, the following 10 intersections were identified as traffic hotspots in need of improvement:
  • Eglinton Avenue West and Martin Grove Road
  • Lawrence Avenue West and Black Creek Drive
  • St. Clair Avenue East and Mount Pleasant Avenue
  • Finch Avenue and Yonge Street
  • Sheppard Avenue and Yonge Street
  • Bloor Street East and Parliament Avenue
  • O'Connor Drive and Don Mills Road
  • Eastern Avenue and Carlaw Avenue
  • Finch Avenue East and Victoria Park Avenue
  • Kingston Road and Lawrence Avenue East
Potential measures to improve these hotspots include more traffic enforcement campaigns, increasing the length of time a light is green, installing closed-circuit cameras, and implementing more left-turn advance green lights and turn restrictions. "The number one priority for Toronto residents is their ability to move around this city quickly and safely,” said Mayor John Tory. "Targeting these intersections with common sense solutions is a low-cost, high-impact initiative to get people moving while ensuring public safety."

Plans for pedestrians

On top of efforts to improve motorist traffic in the 10 identified hotspots, traffic officers will also be positioned at seven major intersections during peak hours to help improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as dissuade illegal turns by drivers. It’s been reported that the monitored intersections will include Front and Simcoe streets, Sheppard Avenue and Yonge Street, Bay and Queen streets, Front Street and University Avenue, University Avenue and Adelaide Street and Bay and Bloor streets.

Traffic Safety Tips

As the City does its part to enhance road safety, follow these tips to ensure you and all road users make it out of rush hour safe and sound: Be defensive and expect the unexpected In the midst of heavy traffic, anything can happen. So it’s best to stay alert and anticipate the actions of other road users. If driving, obey traffic signs, always use your turn signals, accelerate slowly, maintain a steady speed, and constantly check your mirrors and blind spots. If biking or walking, always use the designated bike lanes or cross walks and refrain from moving in the middle of the street or between parked cars. Also, do not cross once the “don’t walk” signal begins to flash. Avoid distractions

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