The Top 10 Sports Cars in Canada

Are you a thrill-seeking, driving enthusiast with a love of high-powered, slick-looking sports cars? If so, what’s your favourite sports car?

Built for easy maneuverability and performance at high speeds, sports cars are small, low-to-the-ground, sleek, two- or four-seaters that are fantastically fun to drive. Plus, they look cool. If you’ve ever slipped behind the wheel of one for a spirited romp, you know first-hand the joy of motoring away in a turbocharged hot rod on a sunny day.

Summer may be short in Canada, but it hasn’t squelched Canadians’ love of high-performing sports cars that ooze with personality. If you're in the market to buy a sports car, there's more to consider than the horses under the hood; there's also the cost of auto insurance and gas to factor into your purchasing decision.

These cars are meant to be driven, and since you'll likely be on the road a lot, we've included how much you can anticipate spending on gas each year driving one of Canada's best-selling sports cars.

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The Best-Selling Sports Cars in Canada in 2020

From full-on muscle cars to sporty roadsters, if you like your car to have some pep, one of these top-selling sports cars might rev your engine. Here are the 10 best-selling sports cars in Canada year-to-date according to Good Car Bad Car sales data, and, based on data from Natural Resources Canada’s Fuel Ratings tool, what you can expect to spend on fuel to drive them:

  1. Ford Mustang. Expect to spend between $2,444 and $3,458 per year for fuel
  2. Audi A5. Expect to spend around $2,552 per year for fuel
  3. Chevrolet Camaro. Expect to spend between $2,726 and $3,094 per year for fuel
  4. Chevrolet Corvette. Expect to spend around $3,596 per year for fuel
  5. Dodge Challenger. Expect to spend between $2,678 and $4,031 per year for fuel
  6. BMW 2 Series. Expect to spend between $2,465 and $2,726 per year for fuel
  7. Subaru BRZ. Expect to spend between $2,494 and $2,871 per year for fuel
  8. Porsche 911. Expect to spend between $3,335 and $3,422 per year for fuel
  9. Mazda MX-5. Expect to between $2,291 and $2,349 per year for fuel
  10. BMW 8 Series. Expect to spend around $4,002 per year for fuel

On the Hunt for Something A Little Less Flashy?

Maybe you don’t have a need for speed, but you are seeking a reliable, practical car or truck. Have a look at other vehicle types Canadians buy most often:

No matter what type of vehicle you decide to purchase, take the time to find out what the cost of auto insurance will be for your wheels of choice. You’re already comparing which vehicle to buy; therefore, it makes sense to compare insurance policies and prices to get the lowest car insurance rate.

*The annual estimated fuel cost is based on driving 20,000 km per year – a realistic distance for the vast majority of Canadians. According to Statistics Canada, the average price for regular unleaded gasoline ranged from 102.8 cents per litre in 2016, to 120.9 cents per litre in 2019. Fuel consumption varies within a model due to options chosen when the car is purchased, as well as how you drive, traffic, and road conditions.

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