Top 10 Trucks in Canada

In 2019, the pickup trucks Canadians bought most often were mostly built “Ford tough.”

The Ford F-Series pickup truck not only was the best-selling truck in Canada, but it was the best-selling vehicle, period, with more than 100,000 F-Series pickups sold.

All other models’ sales paled in comparison.

The Ram pickup (the second best-selling vehicle in Canada) came in with nearly 90,000 sales, the Toyota RAV4, last year’s best-selling SUV, topped out at just over 65,000, and the Honda Civic, the best-selling car, barely broke 60,000.

The Ford F-Series is a Canadian favourite, no matter how you look at it.

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The Best-Selling Pickup Trucks in 2019 in Canada

If you're in the market to buy a Ford F-Series pickup, or one of the other top-selling trucks in Canada, there’s more to consider than their carrying and towing capacity and selling price. There’s auto insurance to think about and the cost of gas needed to run them each year. Fuel costs, you ask? Absolutely. The amount you spend each year on gas could easily exceed what you pay in insurance.

Rank Model Estimated Annual Fuel Cost*
1. Ford F-Series $2,337 - $3,582
2. Ram Pickup $2,517 - $3,945
3. GMC Sierra $2,710 - $4,004
4. Chevrolet Silverado $2,710 - $3,863
5. Toyota Tacoma $2,710 - $3,122
6. Toyota Tundra $3,654 - $3,920
7. Chevrolet Colorado $2,460 - $3,412
8. Ford Ranger $2,638
9. GMC Canyon $2,460 - $2,952
10. Nissan Frontier $3,001 - $3,336

Pressure at the Pump

Compared to cars, trucks typically require more gas to run; not only is the body of the vehicle larger but pickups also usually have bigger engines.

While the average price of regular gasoline in Canada last year was lower than the previous year, it’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen this year. And who knows? If gas prices rise, you could be paying even more the next time you fill ’er up.

The average price of regular gasoline last year was $1.208. How much did you pay last time you visited the pumps?

Insurance for Your New Truck

Now, let's look at insurance. If you’ve made the decision and have settled on a particular pickup, you'll want to compare quotes to ensure you are getting the lowest price for your insurance rate.

But what happens if a few trucks made your shortlist? Rates can vary significantly depending on the vehicle you drive, and the cost of coverage may influence your purchase decision.

Easily compare quotes for the trucks on your wish list. Enter the first vehicle and update it with the next vehicle that’s in the running. It’s super simple because choosing a new truck can be complicated, but we want to make your purchase decision easier.

* Annual estimated fuel cost is based on driving 20,000 km per year—a realistic distance for the vast majority of Canadians—at fuel prices that are estimated to be $1.21/L for regular, $1.41/L for premium, and $1.23/L for diesel. This information comes from Natural Resources Canada's Fuel Ratings Tool and does not include the costs associated with driving a plug-in hybrid electric model or battery electric vehicle, or vehicles that run on an ethanol-gasoline blend (E85). Keep in mind that consumption varies within a model due to options chosen when the car is purchased, as well as how you drive, traffic, and road conditions.


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