The Ultimate Myth Busters: Travel Insurance Edition

Going on a trip? Test your traveller know-how with the Ultimate Myth Busters Quiz: Travel Insurance Edition

The truth behind common myths about travelling and travel medical insurance

Is travel insurance just for trips abroad? Are you covered under your credit card's policy for the full duration of your trip? If you've ever wondered these questions before you jet off on your vacation, take the Ultimate Myth Busters Quiz and test your knowledge about travelling and travel medical insurance.

Compare and Save on Insurance Rates

Find the lowest insurance rate and start saving today

Wherever your travels take you, travel safe and travel smart

Travel insurance is one of the most important items you can pack when you go on holiday. Whether you need just emergency medical coverage or a policy that includes the works (including trip cancellation and luggage loss), get travel insurance quotes within minutes. It's easy to travel care-free knowing you're protected.


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