The Age-Old Question: Who Gets into More Car Accidents?

Men or women? Teenagers or seniors? Found out below.

Is it men or women? Teenagers or seniors? It's an age-old question: who gets into more collisions? But the fact of the matter is that regardless of age or gender, car accidents can happen anytime and anywhere to anyone. We went out on the streets to see if people know who gets into more accidents and when they occur: According to data collected last year from car insurance shoppers, 19 per cent of all drivers have at least one collision on their record. And contrary to what popular culture says, the occurrence of accidents seems to be even across both genders. Nineteen per cent of female drivers and 18 per cent of male drivers admitted to having at least one accident on their record. That said, men were more likely to admit to having tickets; 17 per cent of men versus 12 per cent of women.

Through the ages

After gender, we then turned our attention to age to see which drivers admit to having been in a collision in the last 10 years. On first glance, the numbers may seem surprising:

  • Ages 16-24: 14%
  • Ages 25-34: 21%
  • Ages 35-44: 19%
  • Ages 45-54: 19%
  • Ages 55+: 18%

Most notably, drivers aged 25 to 34 were most likely to report that they’d been in an accident while drivers aged 16-24 were the least likely. With that being said, we’re not stating that young drivers are less likely to be in a collision. Remember that young drivers are generally just occasional drivers and likely spend considerably less time behind the wheel than someone who commutes daily to work. What some may find concerning about these numbers is that 14 per cent say they’ve already been in an accident with their limited driving experience.

Drivers are less cautious in spring, leading to more accidents

More drivers seem to indicate that they were involved in a collision during the winter and spring months. In particular, March and April seem to be the two months when drivers are most likely to say they've been in an accident. In comparison to other months:

  • 24% of accidents happened in the summer (July, August, September)
  • 22% took place during the fall (October, November, December)
  • 28% of collisions happened during the winter months (January, February, March)
  • 27% occurred during the spring (April, May, June)

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You’re behind the wheel: safe driving reminders

In face of this collision data, here are some tips so that you don't become a part of the statistics: Have you been in an accident? An at-fault accident on your record could lead to a hike in your insurance rate. Avoid paying higher premiums by comparing quotes at to find the best rate available and save money. Our customers save $750 on average for their car insurance policy.

  • Leave on time. Leaving reasonable time to get to your destination while taking traffic and weather conditions into consideration will help you avoid the urge to speed or make dangerous driving decisions.
  • Avoid the four D’s of impaired driving: drugs, drinks, drowsiness, and distractions.
  • Wear your seatbelt. Same goes for all other passengers in the car.
  • Be attentive and defensive on the road. There are so many factors to consider while driving: aggressive drivers, drivers with lack of experience, weather, animals, etc. Best to keep your guard up at all times and be prepared for anything.
  • Take your car into a mechanic for regular maintenance to keep it running at optimal performance and avoid any surprises on the road.


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