You Got a Traffic Ticket for What?

Everyone knows all the main traffic violations that could affect your auto insurance premiums, like failing to signal, running a stop sign, speeding, or making an improper turn. But, there are plenty of lesser-known instances where a driver may not realize that what they are doing may run afoul of the rules of the road.

1. Taking an on-ramp too fast

From a logistics point of view, it makes sense that you would accelerate while on a highway on-ramp in order to smoothly transition into the flow of traffic. However, accelerating beyond what's safe and taking the on-ramp too fast could result in a collision, followed by a ticket, likely for careless driving. Heed the recommended maximum safe speed to safely navigate the ramp before you accelerate to the highway's posted limit.

2. Reversing on a highway

Maybe you missed your exit and you've pulled over to assess your next move, or there's been an accident and traffic has slowed to a crawl. Whatever the reason, it's never safe to throw your car in reverse while on a highway to make the exit that you've already passed.

3. Having parts detach or driving an unsafe vehicle

Makeshift car repairs like tying doors to keep them secure or holding the bumper up with cables can put you and other drivers at risk. Driving an unsafe vehicle is apt to earn you a ticket.

4. Improper opening of a door

You may face a fine if you open a vehicle door when it isn't safe to do so-like while moving or without consideration for passing cyclists and pedestrians.

5. Crowding the driver

While cozying up to the driver might seem romantic, the ticket it could get you will kill the mood. Whether it's a person, pet or just plain 'stuff', respecting the driver's personal space bubble isn't just a preference, it's the law.

6. Towing a RV with passengers

As a passenger, it may seem ideal; hanging out in the house trailer being towed-but for the driver, it's likely to catch the attention of the authorities.

7. Driving too slow

Driving too slow, especially on a highway, is dangerous-just like speeding. Getting a ticket for driving too slow means you were likely impeding or blocking the natural flow of traffic. What's more, depending on the lane you were driving in, you could also get a ticket for not being in the right-hand lane where slower traffic is expected to be.

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8. Having a radar detector

If you've purchased a radar detector to warn you when a police radar gun is nearby to avoid a speeding ticket, you're just opening yourself up to getting another type of ticket. In most provinces in Canada, having a radar detector is illegal.

Flashing your high beams

Alerting oncoming traffic of speed traps might seem like the polite thing to do, but it is quite possibly against the law. It's actually a hotly debated topic-whether it's illegal or not to warn others of a speed trap-but one thing's for sure, taking the chance could end up costing you.

Traffic tickets: a hit to the wallet

Tickets typically not only include fines on their own, but may also affect your auto insurance upon renewal (especially if you already have a ticket or two on your record). Pay less for car insurance and avoid getting tickets in the first place.


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