Time to check in to see if you're still getting the best car insurance rateA change in season is the ideal time to spot check your car insurance rates.

Now that fall is here, it's time to see if you can rake up some extra money by saving on your car insurance premiums. Be-leaf it!

Why? Well, a lot can happen to you personally in the space of one season that can impact your car insurance rates:

  • Your policy comes up for renewal. There's no better time to see if a cheaper car insurance premium can be found.
  • You get married. Depending on your spouse's driving history, you may find that the company that provided you the best rate as a single person may not be the same company that provides you the best rate as a couple.
  • You move. Where you live factors into what you pay, and chances are your premiums will change when you move. Make sure you're getting the best deal at your new address, and compare rates once you're settled in.
  • You buy a new car. New or used, what you park in your driveway is one of the key factors in calculating your car insurance rate. Cars that are more likely to be stolen or cost more to repair or replace, for example, may be more expensive to insure. So when shopping for a new car, keep in mind to shop for insurance too.
  • Your teen gets their driver's licence. Some insurers are more teen-friendly than others, and if you have a new driver in your household it's worth checking to see if another insurer will give you a better rate.
  • You get a ticket or are involved in an at-fault accident. Accidents and tickets happen to even the best drivers. If your rates have gone up as a result, don't give up. Despite not having a flawless record, some insurance companies are more forgiving than others.
  • You change jobs or retire. When your daily commute changes, your insurance could change as well. Where you drive and how much daily driving you do can impact your insurance. Shop around for a new cheaper premium.

As the leaves change colours, it might be time to change insurance providers too for a new lower car insurance premium. Compare car insurance quotes today to find the lowest rates.

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