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Find the best secured credit cards in Canada with the Kanetix Credit Card Comparison Service. Whether you're looking for a bad credit credit card, no credit credit card, guaranteed credit card, or an instant approval credit card we have the cards to meet your needs. A secured credit card is an ideal choice for consumers who are looking to start building or re-building their credit. A prior bankruptcy, bad credit rating, or no credit due to recent immigration or no previous credit products are all great reasons to get a secured credit card.

Credit cards for bad credit or no previous credit card history

If you need a credit card for bad credit or a credit card when you have no credit history, a secured credit card is the right choice for you. All you need to do is place cash as a security with the credit card issuer and start building your credit and enjoying all the other great benefits that a secured credit card provides.

Want to purchase something online but have bad credit? Need a credit card in order to put a deposit on a hotel room or a car rental but you're new to the country? Want to make a purchase at a store but don't have enough cash on you? If you answered 'yes' to any one of the questions, a secured credit card may be right for you!

Getting a secured credit card in Canada

Choosing to acquire a credit card as a way to build your credit rating is often a good way to go. Once you can build up your credit enough to qualify for a rewards card, which usually requires a higher credit score in order to get approved (check your credit report here), you can looking into other credit card options. All the needed credit card info is available on our website to help you make an informed purchasing decision. First choose the type of card you want and then decide on the credit card limit which is best for you.

The great thing about secured credit card is that almost everyone gets approved. This type of card exists to give as many people as possible the ability to build credit while benefiting from the convenience of a credit card. You generally have to match the credit limit you want with a corresponding security deposit, however different terms and conditions apply across credit card issuers. The security deposit is actually available to you at any time, if you either close out the card and pay off the balance or re-qualify for an unsecured card.

Visit the  credit card information section of our website if you want . You can calculate your credit score, look up a word definition in our credit card glossary, check your & credit report and more.

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Need a credit card but don't have the credit history to get an unsecured card? No problem! Simply apply for a secured credit card today. Upon approval you will be asked to place a security deposit to obtain the card. Start building up your credit history and you'll likely be able to qualify for an unsecured credit card in the near future! Try out the Home Trust Secured Visa Card and benefit from a low interest rate offered on the card. Virtually everyone is approved!

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