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Welcome to KANETIX. Our fast, free and secure insurance comparison service makes it easy for travelling seniors to find and compare quotes from top travel insurance companies in a one-stop shopping environment, helping you find the right coverage for your needs.

Seniors Travel Insurance

Are you thinking of heading down to Florida for the winter? What about Arizona? Mexico? The Caribbean? Maybe you're finally taking that trip around Europe that you and your wife have been talking about. No matter what your travel plans, KANETIX is easily the best place to shop around for senior travel insurance and travel medical insurance for seniors. The length of your stay or your destination makes no difference to us; we'll save you time and money through our quick and easy senior travel insurance comparison tool.

Many people are discovering that the secret to cheap travel insurance for seniors is KANETIX's comparison service. Money saved through us will be better spent on your vacation.

It's very simple, find the best travel insurance for seniors in three simple steps:

  • Tell us where you're going and the duration of your stay.
  • Compare quotes and coverage for travel health insurance for seniors.
  • Buy the chosen policy online or purchase over the phone. It's quick, simple, and saves you time and money! Get cheap travel insurance for seniors online today!

Visit Travel Insurance 101 to understand why travel insurance is an essential part of any vacation. If you have trouble understanding any of the terminology used, visit our travel insurance glossary to find the definitions of key terms. If there is something that is not covered in these resources, you can visit other travel info, related questions and answers here to get insight to more specific questions.

About Senior Travel Insurance

Senior citizen insurance policies are usually negotiated with insurance professionals. Selecting the right coverage from the available options can be a challenge. The need for more than basic coverage is sometimes a factor considered with senior citizens because of pre-existing medical conditions. Senior citizens should consider their current health when considering travel insurance.

Seek clarification from your insurance provider if there are situations that are excluded from your travel insurance policy. It is important to find out how the insurance company determines eligibility.

Senior travel insurance is an example of a regular insurance plan offered by some insurance companies to cover people over the age of 60 travelling outside Canada. This insurance plan is intended to help senior citizens pay for costs of accidents that may require medical care or damage that occurs to their properties or those they rent while staying abroad.

Types of Senior Travel Insurance

Canadian seniors purchase travel insurance to provide protection against unforeseen circumstances while abroad. Some travel insurance policies cover plane crashes and terrorist evacuation. Such insurance policies are security measures that could help policyholders save a lot of money in the end. The following is a list of the typical types of coverage that can be obtained, other than travel medical insurance, for senior citizens in Canada:

Trip cancellation coverage reimburses policyholders for non-refundable expenditures and deposits incurred when a scheduled trip is cancelled for any reason acknowledged by the insurance policy. Travellers are insured if a trip is cancelled due to death, sickness or bankruptcy.

Trip interruption coverage absorbs the costs incurred as a result of suspension of the trip. This means the insured is reimbursed for all non-refundable costs associated with the suspension of the trip as well as expenses incurred as a result of the trip's early end.

Health and medical evacuation covers expenses for medical emergencies that occur abroad. However, this coverage does not include routine medical exams. When travellers get injured or become sick abroad and there is no medical facility that can provide sufficient healthcare, medical evacuation coverage will provide transportation back to Canada for further medical care.

Baggage protection reimburses travellers when they lose their baggage. Some policies provide coverage for bags that are delayed for more than 12 hours during transit. People travelling with highly priced commodities can consider paying a higher premium for additional coverage.

*Senior travel insurance may also cover expenses associated with car rentals and emergency dental procedures.

All Inclusive Travel Insurance

All inclusive travel insurance covers most of the unpredictable events that could occur during your trip. You only have to purchase an all inclusive travel insurance policy once, making it a more convenient option in comparison to individual specialized policies. Coverage details will vary across different policies but all insurance travel insurance can provide trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, delayed/lost baggage coverage and, of course, emergency medical insurance.

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For the travel insurance you need, there are a variety of options

You already know that you can get the best rates for senior travel insurance at KANETIX, but did you know you can also compare other kinds of free travel medical insurance quotes for Canadians? You're free to comparison shop for cheaper travel insurance, trip cancellation insurance, snowbirds travel insurance or trip insurance online from many of the top travel insurance providers. You can find and compare the best rates for different types of travel insurance including Super Visa Canada, international students travel insurance, and visitors to Canada insurance.

Travel Insurance InfoCentre

Our Travel Insurance InfoCentre has a variety of articles, guides, and statistics on travel insurance coverage, policies, travelling across the border and travel documents. Learn about the most important features of travel insurance using our online resources to ensure piece of mind for a safer vacation.

Interestingly, many people do not know there are gaps in the coverage provided to Canadians through Provincial and Territorial Health Insurance Plans. These gaps may leave you without coverage under certain circumstances when travelling out of the province and even while travelling in Canada. If you are planning on going across the border to the U.S. for pleasure or for business or cross-border shopping you should purchase travel insurance no matter what your choice of transportation. In addition, read this article about travel requirements for Canadians visiting the U.S.

Additional Travel Resources

If you've done your research and decided to get your travel coverage at the very last minute, don't worry, there's and app for that! The KANETIX Travel Insurance App features a travel checklist, weather forecasts and a fun search function where you can stumble upon fun destinations. You can also receive reminders for policy renewals and even save your quote comparison details. With this app, you will never have to worry again about paying too much for travel insurance.

Check out our travel kit for help with planning and managing your trip. The travel kit has three sections: a travel checklist, travel itinerary, and an emergency contact information sheet which can all be printed in a wallet-sized copy or be emailed to you.

Travel Insurance Resources from the Government Of Canada

Have a look at these resources from the Government of Canada to find out more about senior travel insurance and other travel insurance related information:

Senior travel insurance quotes from KANETIX are available for the following provinces: Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. The vast majority of travellers seem to visit us from Montreal, Toronto and Calgary.

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Other travel insurance quotes options

Walking into the airport, a car runs over your foot. The trip is cancelled. How much money you lose depends on your cancellation insurance. Trip cancellation insurance can cover the entire amount of the trip or just the flight you were about to board. You may be fine if your flight is cancelled because of bad weather, but not if the government blocks travel to your destination. You need to cover everything that can happen on your trip.

If you're coming into Canada from outside our borders, whether on vacation, to visit family or for immigration, you'll need medical insurance. Canada's well-known health insurance system doesn't apply to visitors or tourists. If you get sick or injured, you will probably have to pay the costs out of your own pocket. You can shop online with the Kanetix quote comparison service for visitors to Canada and get lower prices.

A snowbird is a wise animal who recognizes when it's time to travel to south to get warm. Snowbirds need medical insurance and travel insurance because bad things can happen to the wisest of creatures. Kanetix can help. Tell us where you're going and how long you'll be gone. We'll offer quotes and a description of coverage for insurance that is appropriate for your situation. We specialize in insurance for visitors, students and Super Visa Canada insurance.

Students share several common situations. They don't have much money or time or interest in complex situations. Often, their eyes roll back when a parent talks about insurance. Kanetix provides online quote comparisons for instant shopping and purchase of health insurance. Young people need protection against accidents and illnesses while in a strange country. Parents need reassurance that their children will be taken care of while in Canada. Kanetix is the answer.

The Super Visa program is a blessing for families living in Canada who have family members visiting from out-of-country. However, the program requires proof of private medical insurance coverage. Kanetix provides quick and easy comparison shopping for Super Visa health coverage. Our Travel Insurance InfoCentre offers helpful guides, information about the different kinds of travel insurance, tips for any traveling across borders such as the kind of document needed and statistics about the safety of the destination.

Whatever vacation you're planning, Kanetix can find travel insurance an average of 50% cheaper than insurance you find yourself. More importantly, Kanetix will find the insurance package that fits your needs. We will explore your situation and the trip you're planning and tailor your insurance package to give you maximum protection at the lowest price. Don't leave your province or the country without insurance that covers all of your needs.

Kanetix wants you to have a good trip. They've created the Kanetix travel app that will help you find and buy the right insurance. You can also check the weather anywhere you go, solidify the preparations for your trip with our Travel Checklist and find important information about your destination such as tourist attractions. You can search for information on insurance before you leave and save it for later review. The app is designed for your smartphone.

Murphy was an optimist. You remember Murphy's Law - whatever can go wrong, will go wrong at the worst possible moment and in the worst possible way. Don't let Murphy ruin your vacation. Get insurance for medical emergencies, trip cancellation, or situations in which your insurance pays but doesn't cover the entire amount. Kanetix will compare insurance policies and help you find the one that fits you needs at the best possible price.

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