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Travel Insurance for Seniors, Snowbirds and Retirees

When it comes to travel insurance for seniors, snowbirds and retirees, one thing is for certain: it's essential to shop around because prices can vary drastically for what seemingly appears to be the same coverage. And the proof is in the numbers. For example, if you want to head south for a few months in the winter, we found that senior travellers saved an average of 53 per cent* on their travel insurance after comparing quotes with

Everyone loves a good deal, and at we'll help you find the deal that offers you the right travel insurance policy at the best price so that you can vacation worry-free, knowing you're covered.

Why is having travel insurance important?

Whether you're planning to travel for several months, a couple of weeks, or are taking a short road trip with friends, there are two reasons why travel insurance is a must-have for all Canadians, regardless of age:

  • The provincial health insurance coverage we enjoy while at home, does not travel well beyond Canada's borders. In fact, if you fall ill are or are injured while travelling, you may find that your government health insurance coverage covers nothing at all, or just a very small portion of any health care costs you may incur.

    In fact, TuGo, one of the travel insurance providers featured through estimates that provincial health care coverage usually pays for less than 10 per cent of the total expenses in the event of a medical emergency when you're travelling out-of-country.
  • Health care costs outside of Canada, especially in the United States, can be extremely expensive, and without travel insurance, you'll be expected to foot the bill.

How expensive is health care outside of Canada, really?

The costs for health care outside of Canada, can be financially devastating if you're without travel insurance coverage. The following real-life travel insurance claims from seniors who were travelling in the U.S. show just how valuable having coverage can be.

  • Pneumonia: A 77-year-old woman was hospitalized for 9 days in California with pneumonia which resulted in a $367,000 travel insurance claim.
  • Bowel Obstruction: A 69-year-old man was hospitalized for 10 days in Arizona with a bowel obstruction which resulted in a $434,000 travel insurance claim.
  • Heart Attack: A 73-year-old man was hospitalized for 9 days in California after having a heart attack which resulted in a $630,000 travel insurance claim.
  • Car Accident: A 66-year-old male was hospitalized for 19 days in Florida after being in a car accident which resulted in a $514,000 travel insurance claim.

What types of travel insurance policies are available?

There are a variety of travel insurance policies worth considering if you're a senior who loves to travel. The one that's right for you will depend on an assortment of factors including how often you travel.

  • Single trip coverage: This type of travel health insurance policy will provide you with emergency medical coverage for a specific trip. The policy will provide coverage from the day you specify you're leaving the country until the day you return.
  • Multi-trip coverage: This type of emergency medical travel policy, also sometimes called an annual policy, will provide you with emergency medical coverage for all trips you take over the span of a year. Each trip however, must not exceed a set amount of days, usually 8, 10, 15, 30 or 31 days depending on the policy.
  • All Inclusive coverage: This type of travel insurance policy covers most of the unwelcome events a traveller could face with the convenience of one purchase for a specific trip. It provides coverage not only for emergency medical, but also trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance, coverage for baggage loss or baggage delay and more, depending on the policy.

Is it possible to get travel insurance with a pre-existing condition?

Absolutely, however the condition must be stable for a set amount of time. How long your pre-existing condition must be stable will vary; it typically ranges from three months to one year depending on the condition itself, your age, and how long you'll be travelling. And since each insurer defines pre-existing condition differently, it's essential that you're open with your travel insurance provider about your health. It is because of this variability-the fact that there isn't a one-size fits all rule about travelling with a pre-existing condition-that you'll need compare policies and travel insurers to ensure you have the coverage you need.

Seniors in Canada and travelling abroad

With almost 6 million seniors in Canada and another 4.9 million people being of retirement age (between the ages of 55 and 64), nearly one-third of Canada's population are at the stage of their life when taking off for a few days, weeks or months to travel is not out of the realm of possibility. Whether it's to escape winter's wrath during the coldest months, a Mediterranean cruise, or a trip to Disney with the grandkids, Canada's senior population is on the move and increasingly taking to the roads, sky or seas.

A senior's travel trends survey from AARP found that boomers typically take four or five leisure trips a year, and assuming Canadian seniors are no different, what are the most popular destinations? According to Statistics Canada , if you're travelling outside of Canada's borders, chances are you're going to the U.S., Mexico, United Kingdom, France, or Cuba as these are the top 5 destinations that Canadians visit. If you're a snowbird however, seeking a break from the chill of a Canadian winter, a survey found the most popular destinations are: Florida, Arizona, Hawaii, California, Mexico and Texas.

Compare travel insurance policies tailored for senior travellers

No matter where your travels take you, can help you find the travel insurance you need. Simply provide your travel details, review your quotes and policies, and call us so we can help you secure your rate and coverage.

* The average savings found on for emergency medical travel insurance for single travellers, age 60 - 75, for single trips of 90 days or more, as compared with the published rates of 3 Financial Institutions for their equivalent emergency medical travel insurance. Actual savings vary depending on number of travellers, age, trip duration, medical conditions, and coverage selected. Based on research as of July 28, 2017.

Other travel insurance quotes options

Walking into the airport, a car runs over your foot. The trip is cancelled. How much money you lose depends on your cancellation insurance. Trip cancellation insurance can cover the entire amount of the trip or just the flight you were about to board. You may be fine if your flight is cancelled because of bad weather, but not if the government blocks travel to your destination. You need to cover everything that can happen on your trip.

If you're coming into Canada from outside our borders, whether on vacation, to visit family or for immigration, you'll need medical insurance. Canada's well-known health insurance system doesn't apply to visitors or tourists. If you get sick or injured, you will probably have to pay the costs out of your own pocket. You can shop online with the Kanetix quote comparison service for visitors to Canada and get lower prices.

A snowbird is a wise animal who recognizes when it's time to travel to south to get warm. Snowbirds need medical insurance and travel insurance because bad things can happen to the wisest of creatures. Kanetix can help. Tell us where you're going and how long you'll be gone. We'll offer quotes and a description of coverage for insurance that is appropriate for your situation. We specialize in insurance for visitors, students and Super Visa Canada insurance.

Students share several common situations. They don't have much money or time or interest in complex situations. Often, their eyes roll back when a parent talks about insurance. Kanetix provides online quote comparisons for instant shopping and purchase of health insurance. Young people need protection against accidents and illnesses while in a strange country. Parents need reassurance that their children will be taken care of while in Canada. Kanetix is the answer.

The Super Visa program is a blessing for families living in Canada who have family members visiting from out-of-country. However, the program requires proof of private medical insurance coverage. Kanetix provides quick and easy comparison shopping for Super Visa health coverage. Our Travel Insurance InfoCentre offers helpful guides, information about the different kinds of travel insurance, tips for any traveling across borders such as the kind of document needed and statistics about the safety of the destination.

Whatever vacation you're planning, Kanetix can find travel insurance an average of 50% cheaper than insurance you find yourself. More importantly, Kanetix will find the insurance package that fits your needs. We will explore your situation and the trip you're planning and tailor your insurance package to give you maximum protection at the lowest price. Don't leave your province or the country without insurance that covers all of your needs.

Kanetix wants you to have a good trip. They've created the Kanetix travel app that will help you find and buy the right insurance. You can also check the weather anywhere you go, solidify the preparations for your trip with our Travel Checklist and find important information about your destination such as tourist attractions. You can search for information on insurance before you leave and save it for later review. The app is designed for your smartphone.

Murphy was an optimist. You remember Murphy's Law - whatever can go wrong, will go wrong at the worst possible moment and in the worst possible way. Don't let Murphy ruin your vacation. Get insurance for medical emergencies, trip cancellation, or situations in which your insurance pays but doesn't cover the entire amount. Kanetix will compare insurance policies and help you find the one that fits you needs at the best possible price.

Travel insurance quotes Premium
Customer 56, SCARBOROUGH, ON
Travelling 25 days, Asia, 1 traveller
PC Financial$72.00
LS Travel$77.06
Group Medical Services$79.82
Allianz Global Assistance$89.18
Range of top quotes$17.18
Customer 36, MONTREAL, PQ
Travelling 7 days, Caribbean - Cuba, 1 traveller
Allianz Global Assistance$20.00
LS Travel$21.58
APRIL International$24.00
Range of top quotes$9.00
Customer 66, HILLSDALE, ON
Travelling 77 days, United States, 2 travellers
PC Financial$532.00
LS Travel$620.07
RSA Travel Insurance Inc. $689.87
Group Medical Services$764.40
Range of top quotes$232.40
Customer 59, EDMONTON, AB
Travelling 72 days, United States, 1 traveller
PC Financial$243.00
Group Medical Services$281.78
Allianz Global Assistance$313.90
Range of top quotes$87.89
Customer 49, MISSISSAUGA, ON
Travelling 8 days, United States, 1 traveller
Group Medical Services$20.00
Allianz Global Assistance$21.78
LS Travel$24.37
APRIL International$27.00
Range of top quotes$12.00
Customer 47, CALGARY, AB
Travelling 9 days, United States, 1 traveller
Allianz Global Assistance$24.20
Group Medical Services$25.30
LS Travel$27.07
Range of top quotes$12.07
Customer 29, TORONTO, ON
Travelling 10 days, Europe, 1 traveller
Group Medical Services$20.35
RSA Travel Insurance Inc. $22.66
Allianz Global Assistance$24.75
APRIL International$27.72
Range of top quotes$11.99
Customer 43, MONTREAL, PQ
Travelling 12 days, Caribbean - Cuba, 1 traveller
Allianz Global Assistance$26.78
LS Travel$35.20
APRIL International$39.00
Range of top quotes$20.02
Customer 36, MONTREAL, PQ
Travelling 7 days, Caribbean - Cuba, 1 traveller
Allianz Global Assistance$20.00
LS Travel$21.58
APRIL International$24.00
Range of top quotes$9.00

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