Winter can be tough, but now that spring is less than a month a way, what better time to list the good things to come?

Snow storms. Bitterly cold temperatures. Wild swings in temperatures. This winter has been an unusual one and Canadians everywhere are wondering when it will end. The good news is, it will end and spring is on the horizon. But until it's official, we've listed a few of the good things to come.

Spring forward

The second Sunday of March most of us will spring forward. Sure, we'll lose an hour of sleep, but that extra bit of daylight can add a little extra jump in your step. Careful driving though, because a study out of McMaster a few years back suggests that the number of accidents increase 17 per cent the Monday after we spring forward.

March Break

Sometimes all it takes is a week away to lift your spirits. If you're looking to kick-start the summer travel season with a trip, don't forget to get travel insurance.

Winter tire season will soon be over

If you change your tires seasonally, you'll want to watch the temperature to see when is best to switch your winter tires back to your all-seasons. A good rule-of-thumb is to put your all-seasons on when the temperature is consistently 7° Celsius or warmer.

  • Does your auto insurance rate include the winter tire discount? If so, typically the tires need to be on the vehicle from November to April.
  • Live in Quebec? By law you must have winter tires on your vehicle until March 15th. Take them off too early and you could be out a couple of hundred dollars; the typical cost of the ticket you could get.

The first time you drive without the heater on

It's a little thing, but it's a good thing.

Ditching the winter boots, hat, mitts and winter jacket

Sometime by the end of March, expect to start shedding layers and by mid-April the winter armour will (hopefully) be long gone from memory and somewhere in the back of the closet.

Long weekends

The season of long weekends will soon be here. Starting in April this year, you've almost got a long weekend each month through to October. Who doesn't love a long weekend?

If you're a long weekend warrior, watch out on the roads. There's almost always an anti-speeding or distracted driving campaign to ensure safer roads for everyone. Avoid a ticket by staying the limit and focused on the task at hand.

June, July, and August

Good, better, and best (at least in this writer's opinion.) What's not to like about these three months? Warm weather, summer vacations, patios, barbeques and gardens in full bloom.

Kick your high auto insurance rates to the curb too

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