Do Pick Up Truck Drivers Deserve Cheaper Truck Insurance Rates?

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Pick up trucks are larger and weigh more then the average car. The consequences in an accident results in more injuries and a larger number of deaths than an accident where cars only are involved. This in itself is not alarming; the truck accidents statistics recently released by the US government are however.

The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) confirmed that the number of accidents that involved trucks over the past year was just under 500,000. Of these pickup truck accidents, a large number end in fatalities, with statistics estimating the number to be at 1%. This in itself does not sound much but corresponds to 5000 deaths a year.

In total 12% of all traffic deaths in the United States of America are the result of truck accidents. You would be forgiven in thinking that truck insurance and truck insurance quotes should be higher because of these statistics, however greater then 75% of truck accidents are the result of errors on the part of the smaller vehicles involved in the crash.

Some other Statistics from the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) Of Individual States included:

  1. Texas experienced 5040 fatal traffic accidents in total last year, out of which 438 deaths were attributable. This has shown an increase of 9% on the previous year.
  2. Florida had a slightly lower amount of fatal accidents, of 4432, with 343 of them involving trucks.
  3. The state with the highest number of fatal traffic accidents was California, with the total number equaling 5725. However despite this high statistic, it was not the state with the highest number of fatal truck accidents.
Surprisingly driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs only accounted for 1% of all accidents involving trucks. The biggest cause was fatigue which was the result of 30% of accidents.

The statistics would indicate that if you own a truck you should be getting low cost truck insurance . However because of the lack of specialized truck insurance companies it is often difficult for owners to find competitive small truck insurance quotes. One solution is to use a comparison website such as who have 9 years of experience finding drivers the best rates.

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