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Find the best student credit cards in Canada with the Kanetix Credit Card Comparison Service. A student credit card has unique features and benefits to meet the needs of a very important and large demographic group: Canada's student population. If you are a student, you will be happy to learn that Kanetix has variety of cards designed specifically for you!

Why get a student credit card?

Students have unique needs. They have to not only worry about their school work but also be able to manage their student loans, which is  becoming increasingly difficult given the rising cost of tuition in Canada. A student needs a credit card that is not only cheap to maintain but also provides a variety of great benefits and rewards. Credit card companies have identified the unique needs of students and created cards specifically tailored to them. Many of these cards have no annual fee and provide a variety of rewards (travel, cashback, etc.) for using the card. Therefore if you're currently in school, you need look no further for a student credit card!

You may decide to keep your student credit card even when you're no longer a student and continue enjoying all the great rewards.

Student credit cards in Canada

Browse our selection of student credit cards and view all the relevant credit card information for each card. Select one credit card that is best for you and try to think of a credit card limit which you'd be comfortable with.  Compare credit card rates as part of your decision process. Once you've made your selection, apply for the credit card online directly with the credit card provider by submitting an online application. Then wait for your credit card approval - the company will get back to your with their decision.

Expenses for students can add up quickly so make sure you keep track of all the expenses accumulated on your Canadian student credit card. It is important to take care of your credit history and ensure that all your payments are received on time. This will help ensure a good credit score. Therefore, keep an eye on your spending to ensure you're always operating within your budget. You may want to explore our credit score calculator to see where you stand. It is recommended to choose a small credit limit at the start in order to learn proper financial discipline. Making small day to day purchases with your card while paying for big ticket items with cash is one way to ensure that you don't get into too much debt.

Chances are that you probably also have a student loan so using the student credit card for convenience and as a means to build your credit is recommended.

You may also find our article: How to make a budget quite helpful.

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Need a credit card for students? You've come to the right place! has a variety of student credit cards, including cards from MBNA and Scotiabank. Mastercard and Visa options are available. The MBNA Rewards Student Awards credit card and the Scotia L'earn Visa card are two of the best student cards on the market, both of which are available through our website

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