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How to save on car insurance in Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay has a smaller population than many other Canadian cities, which means fewer cars, fewer accidents, and quite possibly, lower car insurance premiums than capital city centres. But this doesn't mean that Thunder Bay residents can't save more. Here at, we offer you a quick and easy way to get free, personalized auto insurance quotes from over 50 car insurance companies across Canada. Compare car insurance quotes today for the best price.

Rates change as frequently as every three months. So chances are that the rate you paid a year ago may not be the lowest rate out there today.  Ensure you're paying the best rate by keeping track with the Car Insurance Rate Tracker.

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What does a car insurance policy cover?

Mandatory coverages:

  • Accident benefits: Accident benefits are benefits you receive if you are injured in a collision, regardless of who was at fault. This can include medical and rehabilitation costs, funeral expenses, death benefits, as well as income replacement.
  • Third party liability: Third party liability coverage pays for a legal claim for a collision that causes injury or damage to a third party. The minimum coverage requirement is $200,000 although most drivers take at least $1 million.
  • Direct compensation - Property damage (DCPD): This provides coverage for damage to your car and any property inside the car as a result of a collision in which you are not to blame.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage: This portion of your policy provides protection if you are in an accident and are injured or killed by an uninsured driver or a hit-and-run driver.

Optional coverages: 

  • Collision: Damage to your vehicle as a result of impact or collision with another vehicle or object is covered.
  • Comprehensive: In the event your car is damaged in non-collision events like theft, vandalism or severe weather, you are covered.

Optional coverages typically come with a deductible, which is the portion of an insurance claim you agree to pay. Your deductibles will have an affect on how your auto insurance rates are decided. A higher deductible means your rates will be lower. 

What factors affect your rate?

Car insurance rates in Thunder Bay can vary based on numerous factors. For example, you'll likely pay more for your coverage if you live in a busy area where there is more traffic congestion. Living in a more remote area with less traffic may lower your rate.

Other things to consider when calculating your rate include:

  • Your commute:  The more time you spend on the road, the more likely you are to get into an accident, which ultimately means higher premiums. Working close to home not only saves you time, but money on your insurance. If you use public transit, walk, or bike to work, you'll also pay less for your policy.
  • The car you drive: Your vehicle's make, year, safety score, theft rate, and repair costs also play a part in calculating how much it costs to insure your car.

  • Your driving history: Insurers look at how many accidents, infractions, tickets, and charges appear on your driving record. If you have a clean driving history and you don't seem to be at-risk of causing an accident, your rates will be lower. 

More ways to lower your rate

Invest in your safety: install winter tires and opt for roadside assistance

Winter tires are a must have for many drivers, especially Canadians. Investing in the additional safety not only improves handing on slick winter roads, but it may also lead to savings up to 5 per cent on your car insurance rate. In order to qualify for a discount in Thunder Bay though, you need to install those tires in November and keep them on until April. 

You can also benefit from discounts if you are a part of a roadside assistance program.

Use available discounts

If you feel like you could be saving more on your rate, why not ask your insurance provider if you're eligible for any additional discounts? They may not have been offered to you upfront, but it doesn't hurt to ask!

If you are a retiree, university alumni, or member of a certain association, you may be eligible for a discount. Even passing a driver training course may get you a small discount. 

Shop around when life changes

Rates change four times a year in Ontario. So when it comes time to renew your auto insurance, you should compare rates to make sure you're getting the best price on your new policy before going with the same company.

When life changes, your rates can change too. Perhaps you've retired, gotten married (or divorced), moved, bought a new car, or have a teen learning to drive. Even if your premium goes up, you can always shop around to see where else you can save.

Kanetix hearts Canada has proudly served Canadians with over 7,000,000 competitive insurance quotes over the past 17 years.

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