Honda Civic: Canada's best-selling car In 2013, the cars Canadians most often bought all had a starting sticker price of under $25,000. In keeping with the cost-conscious nature of the top 10 selling cars, we've included the fuel consumption of each so you can gauge how much it will cost you to run the car each year if you're in the market to buy.

Based on driving 20 000 km per year-a realistic distance for the vast majority of Canadians-the fuel consumption (litres used per year) comes from Natural Resources Canada. Keep in mind that consumption varies within a model due to options chosen when the car is purchased. Deciding to go with that larger engine? Bank on using more gas. Also, since next year's models are often out late summer, we focused in on the fuel consumption ratings for the model year 2013 only, unless indicated otherwise.

Check out today's gas prices (also a Natural Resources Canada tool) to get a rough idea on how much money you will spend each year on gas in your city.

Canada's best-selling cars in 2013

  1. Honda Civic
    Yearly gas needed: From 860 litres (the Hybrid) to 1680

  2. Hyundai Elantra
    Yearly gas needed: From 1260 litres to 1340

  3. Toyota Corolla
    Yearly gas needed: From 1320 litres to 1700

  4. Mazda3
    Yearly gas needed: From 1220 litres to 1760

  5. Chevrolet Cruze
    Yearly gas needed: From 1200 litres to 1520

  6. Volkswagen Jetta
    Yearly gas needed: From 880 litres (the Hybrid) to 1640

  7. Ford Focus
    Yearly gas needed: From 1220 litres to 1520

  8. Ford Fusion
    Yearly gas needed: From 820 litres (the Hybrid) to 1540

  9. Hyundai Accent
    Yearly gas needed: About 1260 litres

  10. Toyota Camry
    Yearly gas needed: From 940 litres (the Hybrid) to 1640

New Car Insurance

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