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The lowdown on your Toronto car insurance 

Toronto car insurance rates are not only some of the highest in the province but also the country. It’s a big city with millions of residents which translates into more drivers, more vehicles, more collisions and more congestion than anywhere else. It also means that, in general, Toronto drivers pay more for auto insurance coverage than many of the smaller towns and cities in the province by virtue of its sheer size. The more people there are, in general, the more likely there will be an insurance claim of some sort.

Population however, is not the sole component that factors into your Toronto car insurance rate. There are other factors too, like:

  • The type of driver’s licence you possess 
  • How long you’ve been licensed to drive 
  • Traffic tickets you’ve received (but not parking tickets, thankfully) 
  • At-fault collisions you’ve been involved in 
  • The type of vehicle you drive (especially if it is a known target for thieves or costs more on average to repair if involved in a collision) 
  • Your daily commute 
  • Where you live within the city (some areas are more prone to theft or have intersections with a higher than average instance of accidents)

Toronto is a big city with often big auto insurance premiums, which is why you should compare quotes regularly, at least, once a year at renewal. The insurance market is active, and the premiums charged by insurers frequently change. Perhaps most important to remember is that while one insurer may be increasing their rates, another may be lowering them, and this is the insurance provider we’ll help you find.

What’s included in your Toronto auto insurance policy?

All auto insurance policies in Ontario include the same required coverages. It doesn’t matter if you live in Toronto or elsewhere, the province requires that all policies include at minimum: third-party liability coverage (if you’re sued for damages or injuries you caused); statutory accident benefits coverage (if you’re injured in an auto collision); direct compensation-property damage coverage (if your car is damaged in a collision where the other driver was at-fault); and uninsured automobile coverage (if you’re injured or your vehicle is damaged due to a hit-and-run or where the other driver is uninsured). 

There are also optional coverages that you can include on your policy. The most common two optional ones are collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. Both of these coverages have a deductible which means you have to foot a portion of the bill if you need to submit an insurance claim. Collision provides coverage for damages to your vehicle due to a collision with another vehicle (or object), while comprehensive provides coverage for damages to your vehicle due to non-accident event, like theft, vandalism, or weather-related (e.g. hail, falling tree limbs etc.) damages. 

When you compare Toronto auto insurance quotes at, we’ll ensure that all the rates you see include the mandatory coverages required by law, as well as the optional coverages most popular with shoppers like yourself. Of course, you’ll be able to customize your Toronto car insurance quote to ensure you have the coverages you want (or don’t need) so that the rates you see suit your preferences.

Asking for a discount: When doing business with an insurance company, you should always ask for appropriate discounts as you choose a policy. Things such as driver training courses, installing additional safety and security features on your vehicle, being a retiree, or even enrolment in certain groups, associations, or road-side assistance programs can make you eligible for additional savings. 

Winter tires: Winter driving can present itself as a challenge for Canadians. But with the help of winter tires, drivers can navigate through inclement weather easier. Toronto drivers can also take advantage of winter tire discounts on their car insurance. Toronto drivers who put winter tires on their car in the Fall and keep them on until the weather warms up, can save up to five per cent on their premium.

Bundling: Purchasing multiple policies (such as your auto and home insurance) with the same car insurance provider often results in significant savings. This is what is known as "bundling" your policies and can save you a decent percentage off of your premium.

Shopping around when life changes: Comparing rates regularly always ensures you're paying the best price you can. You should compare rates  before your renewal, as well as when there have been significant changes to your life. Let's say you got married (or divorced), moved, changed jobs, retired, or bought a new car. Or maybe you just added drivers to your policy (like your child), got a ticket, or you were involved in a collision. These are all ideal times to shop around and see how much you could possibly save on your car insurance rate with another insurance provider.

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A snapshot of the typical Toronto driver 

Since 1999, has been helping Toronto drivers keep their auto insurance premiums as low as possible and we’ve noticed a few things along the way about drivers in the city. Based on Toronto auto insurance quotes in the last year, we’ve observed the following: 

  • Toronto drivers love their Honda Civics. Overwhelming, the most popular vehicle in the city is the Honda Civic. It outnumbered its closest rival, the Mazda Mazda3, in auto insurance quotes by almost two to one. Rounding out the top five are the Honda Accord, Toyota Corolla and the Hyundai Elantra. 
  • The most popular SUV/CUV in Toronto is the Honda CR-V, followed by the Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Santa Fe, Nissan Rogue and Ford Escape. 
  • Although the Ford F-150 is the best-selling truck in Canada, it is not tops with Toronto drivers. Instead, this honour goes to the Dodge Ram which is more likely to be seen on Toronto roads. 
  •  The Dodge Grand Caravan is the most popular minivan in the city, which is not surprising given that it is the best-selling minivan in the country. 
  • Almost half of the Toronto drivers who shopped their rate at Kanetix either have a ticket on their record (within the last three years) or have been involved in a collision. Tickets and at-fault collision play a role in the premium you pay and may speak to why Toronto rates are so high. 
  • One in three (28 per cent) have a roadside assistance membership. Did you know being a member of a roadside assistance program could qualify you for a discount? Although it will vary, the discount could help you save up to 15 per cent. 
  • Only one in five (18 per cent) are willing to take advantage of the multi-line discount. This is a discount for bundling your home (condo or tenant) insurance policy with the same insurer who covers your car. It is usually one of the most common discounts and may help you save 5 to 15 per cent. 
  • Twelve per cent of Toronto drivers are willing to consider a usage-based insurance policy. This is a policy that usually saves you five per cent when you sign up, with additional savings of up to 25 per cent on renewal for good driving practices. To qualify for these savings, a small telematics device is plugged into the car (it’s easy and doesn’t require a mechanic) which then records driving details like how fast a driver accelerates and brakes, and speed, among other factors.

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*75% of Kanetix customers in Ontario who participated in the survey said Kanetix helped them identify an average savings amount of $610 (June – November 2017) on their car insurance. The cited amount represents the average difference between the best quote obtained at and the current premium amount of participants in the survey. The savings amount varies by individual and does not constitute a guarantee; in each individual case, the difference may be smaller or greater than the savings amount cited.