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Why get travel insurance?

Travel insurance is one of the most important items you can bring on vacation with you.

It's impossible to expect the unexpected, which is why it's better to prepare for whatever life throws your way - especially while you're on vacation, away from home. The Government of Canada recommends that you get travel coverage no matter where you're going or how long you'll be there. The reasons why might surprise you.

What does travel insurance cover?

In the event that you suddenly become ill or injured and require medical attention while on vacation, travel coverage can keep you from going into debt.  In most countries, medical expenses can be extremely costly, often thousands of dollars a day. Different travel insurance companies cover different amounts and services but typically cover emergency costs related to:

  • In-hospital care
  • Emergency medical services
  • Diagnostic services
  • Prescription drugs
  • Emergency air or ground ambulance
  • Return home services

Save money with multi-trip emergency medical travel insurance

If you take more than one trip per year, a smart travel tip is to invest in multi-trip emergency medical travel insurance. The benefit of purchasing Multi-trip medical insurance is it is the most cost effective way to ensure you're always covered when you travel,  and also saves you time as you don't have to apply for it every single time you travel. Many people are unfamiliar with the annual, multi-trip travel policy but basically for every trip you take within 12 months of buying your policy, an annual travel insurance policy could provide emergency medical coverage for each of those trips.

Other travel insurance options

Snowbird travel is one of the best places for you to shop for your Snowbird travel insurance. Whether you're going to Florida, the Caribbean or even Australia, you could save significantly on your snowbirds travel insurance by comparison shopping. Get a quote for your lowest rate now!

Visitors to Canada

If you're planning to visit Canada as a tourist we can easily help you compare quotes and purchase a policy to ensure that you're covered while in Canada. Find your best rate now!

Super Visa

Super Visa health insurance is available to the parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. The visa is valid for up to 10 years and allows family members who live abroad to visit for up to two years at a time. One of the eligibility requirements for the Super Visa is having private health insurance.'s Super Visa insurance plans covers a variety of things including dental accidents, emergency hospital services, extended health care and much more. Get started on your quote today.

International students studying in Canada

International students travel insurance helps protect students studying in Canada from unexpected costs due to accidents, health and medical emergencies while studying in Canada. Are you a student from another country planning on studying at a school in Canada? Kanetix is here to help; get a variety of online quotes now. 

    Trip cancellation and trip interruption

    If you already have supplementary travel health insurance, then perhaps it's trip cancellation insurance and trip interruption insurance you're looking for. Vacations can easily get derailed by events outside of your control - whether you become suddenly ill, find yourself unemployed, or there's a death, illness or sickness in your family.

    All inclusive

    This is your comprehensive policy that covers most of the unwelcome events that a traveller could face, with the convenience of one purchase. With all inclusive travel insurance you're not only provided with emergency medical coverage, you're also typically covered for trip cancellation and/or trip interruption, as well as coverage for baggage loss or delay.

    Looking for more information about travel insurance in Canada and for Canadians abroad? The Government of Canada has many resources to help:

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    *The average savings found on for emergency medical travel insurance for single travellers, age 21 - 54, for single trips of 10 days, as compared with the published rates of 3 Financial Institutions for their equivalent emergency medical travel insurance. Actual savings vary depending on number of travellers, age, trip duration, medical conditions, and coverage selected. Based on research as of July  28, 2017.