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Travel Insurance in Canada

KANETIX.ca's online quote comparison service for travel insurance brings Canadian travellers together with travel insurance providers in a one-stop shopping environment. Whether you're looking for travel medical insurance, top-up travel insurance, all inclusive travel insurance, or trip cancellation insurance, we can help you compare travel insurance quotes, policies and providers in minutes. Compare travel insurance quotes from leading Canadian travel insurance companies, pick your best rate and purchase it on the spot.

Through KANETIX.ca, not only can you compare free travel insurance quotes, but you can also compare policies that are designed to cover visitors to Canada insurance, Super Visa insurance and travel insurance for international students studying in Canada. We'll help you find cheap travel insurance, snowbird travel insurance, travel insurance for seniors, or various kinds of trip insurance online from many of the top travel insurance providers.

Introduction To Travel Insurance For Canadians

Your bags are packed; you're ready to go. Months of saving and arranging have gone into your dream trip. Then it happens - every traveller's worst nightmare - you break a leg, and you're far, far away from home.

It's a lot like Murphy's Law - if something can go wrong, it will probably happen during your trip or holiday. That's where travel insurance comes in handy: travel medical insurance products can cover you when unwelcome, unwanted, and unpredictable events occur.

Often, when people talk about travel insurance they're referring primarily to emergency medical travel insurance--it is, after all, arguably the most important component of a travel insurance policy. As a quick introduction to travel insurance in Canada, it is also commonly called travel health insurance, travel medical insurance, traveller's insurance and emergency travel medical insurance. For basic information, visit Travel Insurance 101 or explore other travel related questions and answers here or if you need clarity on travel insurance terms visit our travel insurance glossary.

However, there's often more to a travel insurance policy than just health insurance. Depending on the product, the right coverage can protect when:your baggage gets lost, if you become sick or injured, if you are forced to cancel your trip, and even if your tour operator goes bankrupt and so on. An annual travel insurance policy could provide emergency medical coverage for every trip you take within 12 months of buying your policy.

Whether you're travelling by plane, train or automobile, whether you're travelling for pleasure or for business - even if you're travelling over the border to the U.S. for cross border shopping - purchasing travel insurance that includes emergency medical coverage is a good idea. If you do decide to do some cross border shopping, make sure you have the travel requirements for Canadians visiting the U.S.

Travel insurance is a good idea even if you're only travelling out of province. Did you know that your provincial health insurance plan may not fully cover you when travelling out-of-province? If you're billed for a service that exceeds what your province typically pays for that service, you'll have to make up the difference. What's more, usually your provincial health insurance will cover you for physician and hospital services--but that's it. Anything else will likely be a cost out of your pocket. With an emergency medical travel insurance policy, you know you'll be covered for expenses arising from ambulance services, emergency dental work, and prescriptions needed as a result of an emergency.

For The Travel Insurance You Need, There Are A Variety Of Options

Because your provincial health insurance plan does not fully cover Canadians when travelling within Canada or travelling out-of-country, supplementary health insurance coverage can be obtained with any of the following policies:

Single Trip Emergency Medical Travel Insurance

One thing you really shouldn't take a chance with, is sickness or injury while travelling within or outside of Canada. In most countries, medical expenses can be extremely costly, often thousands of dollars a day. Emergency medical travel insurance can be a financial lifesaver.

Multi-Trip Emergency Medical Travel Insurance

This could be your most cost effective option if you travel frequently, or think it likely that you'll make more than one trip per year. Plans range from basic to comprehensive, and trips of up to 15 days are accommodated.

All Inclusive Travel Insurance

This covers most of the unwelcome events that a traveller could face, with the convenience of one purchase. All inclusive travel insurance is often a good value when compared to individual specialized policies, providing not only the basics like emergency medical, but, depending on the policy, also, trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance, coverage for baggage loss or baggage delay and more.

If you already have supplementary travel health insurance, then perhaps it's trip cancellation insurance you're looking for. Sometimes the best planned vacations get derailed by events outside of your control: you become suddenly ill, you find yourself unemployed, there's a natural disaster during hurricane travel season, or there's a death, illness or sickness in your family, which are real-life reasons why you may need travel insurance. With trip cancellation / interruption insurance, setbacks that are out of your control won't end up hitting you in the wallet.

Travel Insurance For Pre Existing Medical Conditions

Travel insurance coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions can cover your health care costs should you become ill during your travels. A pre-existing condition typically means any medical condition which has been diagnosed, or had treatment recommended by a professional doctor. Policies may vary for cover on travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions, so double-check the fine print in your policy to ensure your medical conditions are covered.

Canadian Travel Insurance Options Have Never Been Better

It cannot be overstated, things can get complicated, if not downright frightening, when medical emergencies and hospitalizations occur without adequate insurance. The right travel insurance plan can help to prevent small misfortunes while away from becoming big ones, and bad situations from becoming catastrophic.

You can purchase basic travel insurance that will cover things like emergency medical treatment and hospital stays, but you also have the option of buying policies that include extra bells and whistles. Benefits like a companion at your bedside, vehicle and pet returns, baggage delay etc. The key is to pick the level of coverage that you're comfortable with and that fits the type of trip you have planned.

If you are arranging any special excursions (i.e. mountain skiing, parasailing, zip-lining), pay special attention to the exclusions within the policy you are considering. Every policy varies, and you'll want to make sure whatever policy you purchase offers you the full range of benefits available.

Whether you're travelling to Mexico or Cuba (see requirements here), the Caribbean, Australia, India, Europe, the UK, Asia, or staying closer to home by travelling in the United States of America, we have the right travel insurance coverage for you (learn more about your travel insurance options). Senior travel is equally important and snowbird travel insurance quotes are also available.

Travel Insurance Resources From The Government Of Canada

Looking for more information about travel insurance in Canada and for Canadians abroad? The Government of Canada has many resources to help:

Travel insurance quotes from KANETIX.ca are available for the following provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. The vast majority of travellers seem to visit us from Toronto, Calgary, and Montreal.

*The average savings found on KANETIX.ca for emergency medical travel insurance for single travellers, age 30 - 54, for single trips of 7 days, as compared with the published rates of 5 Financial Institutions for their equivalent emergency medical travel insurance. Actual savings vary depending on number of travellers, age, trip duration, and coverage selected. Based on research as of September 16, 2013.


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  • Kanetix Travel Kit

    Having trouble planning your vacation? Use our travel kit which consists of a travel checklist, emergency contact information sheet and a travel itinerary to make your trip easier to manage. For your convenience, you can print a wallet-size copy or email the information you completed straight to your inbox.

Travel Insurance InfoCentre

Looking for more travel insurance news & articles? Our online resource can inform you on travel insurance related topics ranging from policies, coverage, travel tips, cross-border travel, required travel documents, statistics and other resources. With our online resource, you can learn the essentials of travel insurance and get the peace of mind you need for a safe and happy trip.

Travel Insurance Forum

Our online community can help you learn which travel insurance policies or options may be best suitable for your travels. Share and discuss any travel insurance related questions, concerns or comments you may have with industry experts and other travellers like you. Get the information you need so you can make an informed decision about purchasing your travel insurance policy.

Visitors To Canada/International Students Forum

Are you planning to visit or work in Canada on a temporary basis? Are you an international student from abroad planning to study in Canada? Visit our online question & discussion forum to share and discuss any questions, concerns or comments with industry experts and other international travellers like you. Learn the essentials you need to make an informed decision about your travels to Canada.

Other travel insurance quotes options

Are you worried that the flight or travel package you purchased may be disrupted or for any reason you are unable to take your trip at all? Trip cancellation or trip interruption insurance, depending on the travel insurance provider, can cover you for up to the full cost of your travel package due to certain unforeseen circumstances. Compare trip cancellation insurance quotes and policies at KANETIX to get the peace of mind you need. Get a rate today.

Whether you are planning to visit Canada as a tourist, immigrate to Canada, or have family or friends coming for a trip, at KANETIX you can easily compare Visitors to Canada travel insurance quotes and purchase a policy. Get a rate today.

Calling all Snowbirds, KANETIX is one of the best places for you to shop for your snowbird travel insurance and snowbirds medical insurance. Are you heading south to Florida? Arizona? The Caribbean? Maybe you're going as far as Australia or staying closer to home, as in Victoria, BC. No matter where you're going or for how long, you could save significantly on your snowbirds travel insurance by comparison shopping. Get a rate today.

Are you a student from another country planning on studying at a school in Canada? KANETIX provides online quotes for international travel health insurance for international students studying in Canada. International travel insurance quotes are available for individual students studying in Canada only. Get a rate today.

It doesn't matter if you're the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Montreal Quebec, Toronto Ontario, Vancouver British Columbia, Calgary and Edmonton Alberta, or Halifax Nova Scotia, you can compare quotes and buy a Super Visa health insurance policy online through KANETIX from any of the featured insurance companies. Get a rate today.

Looking to save time and money on your travel insurance? KANETIX can help you find the cheapest travel insurance quotes from the top travel insurance companies in Canada. In just a few minutes, you can save up to an average of 50% on your travel insurance with the one-stop shopping environment at KANETIX. Get a rate today.

Download the KANETIX Travel Insurance App on your smartphone device to compare and purchase travel insurance online when you are on the go. With this app, you can use the travel checklist, search for attractions in your destination and check weather forecasts. In addition, you can subscribe to reminders for policy renewal, revisit your saved quote comparison details, and never stress again about overpaying on your travel insurance coverage!

The Kanetix Travel App

There are no shortage of questions and preparations when planning a vacation, but travel insurance is a must for any trip abroad. If you're looking for the best travel app, then look no further.

The Kanetix Travel App will set your travel insurance worries at ease, save you some cash and help you start your vacation planning.

Why download the Kanetix Travel App?

  • Compare and purchase travel insurance
  • Check the weather before and during your getaway
  • Use the Travel Checklist and don't forget a thing
  • Search for your destination must-sees or shake your phone to find your next adventure

The Kanetix Travel App offers travel insurance quotes from many of the most recognized travel insurance providers in Canada, and you can even buy travel insurance online right from your smartphone device. Save your quote details for easy repeat visits, subscribe to policy renewal reminders and never worry again about overpaying for your travel insurance coverage!

Download on the App Store Download the App


What would you do if your child broke his leg while he was getting off the Matterhorn ride in Disneyland? Hospital expenses in the United States can reach $10,000 a day, every day. For less than the cost of dinner in a restaurant you can avoid paying those costs.

Canada is a wonderful land to live in. Canada's Health Care plans cover everything for most situations while you're at home. Outside your home province, all of your bills may not be covered. Health plans don't cover cosmetic surgery, for example, or some ambulance services. Get travel insurance, just in case.

The variety of disasters that can happen on a vacation are limitless, from the scorpion sting in the Arizona desert to the luggage that goes to Victoria when you go to Vancouver. An all-inclusive plan will handle everything that the world throws in your path. You'll feel safer with good insurance.

Do you take more than two weekend trips or a single-week over the border in a year? You'll save money with an annual emergency medical insurance policy that covers every health issue that could pop up on a trip from a serious injury in a car accident to a dog bite suffered on a hike.

A woman traveling alone is an obvious target for criminals. Our Safety Tips for Women provides excellent information such as registering with the Office for Foreign Affairs, making a safe choice of a hotel, utilizing the internet to prepare for the trip and using your cell phone in times of danger.

Headed south for vacation? The United States offers limitless opportunities. However, the days are over when you just needed a drivers license and birth certificate. Anyone entering the States needs a special drivers license or a passport or one of several other documents, and the requirements are different for air travel. Look on this page for help.

We don't blame you for not liking winter. Warmer climes are very attractive in February. Here are 15 tips that will make that vacation in the south easier. They range from advice on choosing internet plans to vital information your doctor can give you and the documents you'll need when crossing a border.

If you travel for long periods, your regular medical travel insurance may run out. Top-up supplemental travel insurance fills in when provincial health insurance and traditional trip insurance don't cover all of the expenses. Lying in a hospital bed in Miami, Florida isn't the time to find out that you're not covered completely.

Travel Insurance InfoCentre

You can never know enough about insurance before you need it. Kanetix provides articles that answer the most common questions travelers have about insurance. Snowbirds have special needs that can only be met by a policy designed for them. Everyone needs to save money on their insurance, and Kanetix can teach you how to find the best deals. Most trips from Canada abroad go to the United States. Kanetix will show you how to travel there effortlessly.

Travel Insurance Discussion Forum

The Kanetix website comes with a forum in which customers ask questions and Kanetix insurance experts answer them. The topics in the forum include such things as the consequences of ignoring a warning from the State Department, whether existing health conditions change the kind of insurance the customer can buy and whether a grown child can buy insurance for their 85 year old mum.

Visitors To Canada Discussion Forum

The Kanetix website has a special forum set aside for students with questions. An expert in insurance will answer them. The forum covers situations such as the kind of car insurance foreign students can get in Canada, coverage available for pregnancy and delivery, the meaning of the word 'deductible', the things a foreign student is allowed to bring into the country and the cost of insurance based on the country of residence.

Kanetix Travel App

Make sure you're covered no matter where you're headed.
  • Compare and purchase travel insurance
  • Check the weather for your destination
  • Use the Travel Checklist to make sure you don't forget a thing
  • Search for your destination must-sees or shake your phone to find your next adventure

Travel insurance quotes Premium
Customer 43, THORNHILL, ON
Travelling 9 days, Middle East, 1 traveller
Travel Underwriters$15.00
Travel Guard Canada$18.00
Group Medical Services$20.00
RSA Travel Insurance Inc. $21.60
TIC Travel Insurance$21.80
Range of top quotes$6.80
Travelling 14 days, Caribbean - Not Cuba, 1 traveller
Travel Underwriters$17.10
RSA Travel Insurance Inc. $24.30
TIC Travel Insurance$37.50
LS Mutual Tour+Med$57.78
Range of top quotes$40.68
Customer 52, MISSISSAUGA, ON
Travelling 10 days, Asia, 1 traveller
Travel Underwriters$15.00
Group Medical Services$20.00
LS Mutual Tour+Med$23.07
RSA Travel Insurance Inc. $23.76
TIC Travel Insurance$23.98
Range of top quotes$8.98
Customer 43, THORNHILL, ON
Travelling 9 days, Middle East, 1 traveller
Travel Underwriters$15.00
Travel Guard Canada$18.00
Group Medical Services$20.00
RSA Travel Insurance Inc. $21.60
TIC Travel Insurance$21.80
Range of top quotes$6.80
Customer 71, COCHRANE, AB
Travelling 21 days, United States, 2 travellers
Group Medical Services$332.20
Travel Underwriters$356.42
RSA Travel Insurance Inc. $386.54
PC Financial$543.00
Range of top quotes$210.80
Customer 55, MONTREAL, PQ
Travelling 6 days, United States, 1 traveller
Travel Underwriters$15.00
LS Mutual Tour+Med$20.00
RSA Travel Insurance Inc. $21.84
TIC Travel Insurance$24.22
Range of top quotes$9.22
Customer 45, TORONTO, ON
Travelling 4 days, United States, 5 travellers
Travel Underwriters$16.40
Group Medical Services$22.85
TIC Travel Insurance$24.20
RSA Travel Insurance Inc. $40.00
PC Financial$42.00
Range of top quotes$25.60
Customer 65, ST THOMAS, ON
Travelling 151 days, United States, 1 traveller
Travel Underwriters$625.63
RSA Travel Insurance Inc. $627.76
Group Medical Services$743.28
PC Financial$1035.00
Travel Guard Canada$1063.00
Range of top quotes$437.37
Customer 32, CALGARY, AB
Travelling 9 days, United States, 1 traveller
Travel Underwriters$15.00
Travel Guard Canada$18.00
Group Medical Services$20.00
RSA Travel Insurance Inc. $21.60
Range of top quotes$6.60
Customer 71, SAINTE-ADELE, PQ
Travelling 7 days, Mexico, 2 travellers
LS Mutual Tour+Med$72.37
RSA Travel Insurance Inc. $101.20
TIC Travel Insurance$102.16
Travel Underwriters$118.93
Range of top quotes$46.56

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