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Your ticket to peace of mind on your next trip: travel insurance

You’ve booked your flight and hotel, written a packing list, and pulled out your luggage (or bought some new bags) for when the urge to pack strikes. There’s only one thing you haven’t done yet, and you may be debating whether you need to bother, and that’s get travel insurance.

Debate no more because travel insurance is one item you don’t want to pass on when you’re about to embark on a vacation. By purchasing travel insurance before you head out on holiday, you’re protecting your health by ensuring you get the care you need in the event of an injury or illness; your bank account from the healthcare costs and related expenses of a medical emergency; and, your travel plans so you can get back on your feet sooner.

At, we make it easy for you to compare travel insurance quotes in minutes. What’s more, our users save an average of 68%* when they compare travel insurance quotes with us.

Why you should pack travel insurance on your next trip

The benefit of having travel insurance is it can save you from having to pay a significant amount of money out-of-pocket, should you need emergency medical attention during your travels. The fact is, your provincial healthcare coverage doesn’t not travel well. It’s estimated that only about 10 per cent of out-of-country healthcare costs are usually covered by your provincial plan, which leaves the rest of the bill for you to foot. Out-of-country healthcare is expensive, especially in the U.S., and this is one bill you don’t want to be left having to pay. You don’t have to go it alone however, if you buy a travel medical insurance policy.

There are a variety of different types of travel insurance available to ensure you get the coverage you need so that you can travel worry-free:

  • Single trip emergency medical travel insurance: This type of policy covers you for a specific trip from the day you depart to the day you return. It typically covers most emergency medical costs including in-hospital care, diagnostics, prescriptions, and even return home services. Travel insurance keeps medical expenses affordable in otherwise unaffordable circumstances. 
  • Multi trip emergency medical travel insurance: This type of policy is good for frequent travellers. It covers you in the same ways as a single trip policy only for all the trips you may take within the span of a year. The only caveat is that the trip does not exceed the policy’s maximum number of days, but there’s a lot of options to choose from so you can buy a policy that fits your travel style. 
  • All inclusive travel insurance: This type of policy usually covers the works: emergency medical, trip cancellation/interruption, along with baggage loss or delay. 
  • Trip cancellation/interruption: If you already have supplementary travel health insurance, then perhaps it's trip cancellation insurance and trip interruption insurance you're looking for. Vacations can easily get derailed by events outside of your control - whether you become suddenly ill, find yourself unemployed, or there's a death, illness or sickness in your family.

The unexpected happens, and no one anticipates getting sick or injured when they’re on vacation, but it happens. We’re very fortunate to have healthcare coverage in Canada, but it does not follow you to the same extent when you travel to other countries.

The best time to purchase your travel insurance is before you leave. If you purchase it after you leave, you may find that you’re not covered for the full duration of your trip or are excluded from some policy benefits. As a result, it’s wise to start looking into your travel insurance options as soon as you know you’re going to travel. This will give you the time to shop rates for the best price (at of course!) and give you the time to review policy benefits and details. It will also give you the time needed, if you have a pre-existing condition, to complete any medical questionnaire that may be required and consult your doctor if necessary.

Medical bills accrued while travelling are not typically covered in full by your provincial healthcare plan or the Government of Canada. Far from it. It’s typically reported that only about 10 per cent of out-of-country medical care costs are covered, which is why the Government of Canada strongly recommends having supplemental travel health coverage while you travel, no matter how near or far you’re going, or however short or long your trip may be.

Just like car insurance, there are factors that can impact how much your travel insurance quotes will be, and the following are a few that may affect your premiums:

  • Where you’re going and how long you’ll be there
  • The type of coverage you need (whether it’s just emergency medical or a comprehensive package like an all-inclusive policy)
  • The number of travellers
  • Your age and any pre-existing conditions you may have

Other travel insurance options are available 

There are many types of travel insurance available, with a variety of services and coverage amounts. 

  • For travellers visiting Canada as a tourist, healthcare in Canada can be costly without coverage and can help set you up with a great policy. Don’t think you need travel insurance as a visitor to Canada? Here’s why you do.
  • If you’re coming to study in Canada, offers international student travel insurance quotes. As a student, it’s important to make sure you’re protected for the duration of your studies in Canada. Accidents, illness and medical emergencies can be stressful as is and in an unfamiliar country, even more so. Have peace of mind and make sure you’re covered. 

The excitement of an upcoming trip is one of the best feelings for many people. With everything that you need to do to prepare for your upcoming trip, it’s easy to overlook purchasing travel insurance, but don’t leave home without it! Find your best travel insurance quotes now!

*The average savings found on for emergency medical travel insurance for single travellers, age 30, for single trips of 10 days, as compared with the published rates of 3 financial institutions for their equivalent insurance. Actual savings vary depending on number of travellers, age, trip duration, medical conditions, and coverage selected. Based on research as of January 4, 2019.