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Compare travel health insurance quotes for international students planning to study in Canada

Welcome to KANETIX. Our online quote comparison service for international student travel medical insurance brings international students studying in Canada together with leading Canadian travel insurance companies in a one-stop shopping environment.

International Travel health insurance for Students Studying in Canada

Are you a student from another country planning on studying at a school in Canada? Make sure you have the right documents to get into Canada and understand what every visitor to Canada should purchase. KANETIX provides online quotes for international travel health insurance for international students studying in Canada. Please note: international travel insurance quotes are available for individual students studying in Canada only.

Why should international students studying in Canada get International Travel Health Insurance?

Student travel insurance for international students studying in Canada helps protect students from unexpected costs due to accidents, health and medical emergencies while studying in Canada. No matter which of the top countries visiting Canada or top U.S. states visiting Canada you are coming from, you should be aware that doctor bills are expensive. Emergency medical and hospital care can cost thousands of dollars a day. In the event of a serious accident or a health or medical emergency, student travel insurance for international students also pays for the cost of returning you home, which can be very costly. Why risk travelling in Canada without international travel health insurance for international students when international travel health insurance for students studying in Canada can cost as little as $4.00 per day. If you are not afraid of these risks, perhaps other reasons why you need travel insurance when visiting Canada will make you think otherwise. If you are somehow convinced you do not need international travel insurance for your studies in Canada, consider the benefits for your family or friends visiting Canada.

Who qualifies for International travel health insurance for students studying in Canada?

International travel insurance for students studying in Canada can be purchased by any international students studying in Canada who are:

  • Not insured or eligible for benefits under a Canadian Government Health Insurance Plan.
  • Are currently in good health.
  • Are enrolled in at least 60% of the required courses for a specific program at a Canadian school, college, university or accredited educational institution.

KANETIX is the better way to shop for student travel insurance for international students studying in Canada.

Through KANETIX, not only can you compare insurance for international students studying in Canada, but you can also compare free travel insurance quotes for Canadians as well as policies that are designed specifically for visitors to Canada insurance, Super Visa Canada insurance and trip cancellation insurance. We'll help you find seniors travel insurance, cheap travel insurance, snowbird travel insurance, or trip insurance online from many of the top travel insurance companies.

For basic information on travel insurance and definitions on key terms, visit Travel Insurance 101 and travel insurance glossary. If you need further clarity, you can explore other travel related questions and answers here.

Travel Insurance InfoCentre

If you need more information and advice on travel insurance related products, visit our Travel Insurance InfoCentre. There you will find more articles, guides and news bytes on travel insurance coverage, policies, cross-border travel, tips for your travel and saving money, required travel documents, statistics and other resources. Use our online resource to learn the essentials of travel insurance and get the peace of mind you need for a safe and happy trip.

Travel Insurance Questions & Discussion Forum

If you are an international student travelling from abroad planning to study in Canada or if you are planning to visit or work in Canada on a temporary basis, you should visit our Visitors To Canada/International Students Forum. There you can ask and discuss any questions regarding international travel insurance to make yourself more comfortable and be able to make more informed decisions for your travels to Canada.

Additional Travel Resources

For convenience on your smartphone device, you can now download the KANETIX Travel Insurance App to compare and purchase travel insurance online when you are on the go. With KANETIX's Travel App, you can check weather forecasts, use the travel checklist, and search for attractions in your destination. You can even subscribe to policy renewal reminders, save your quote comparison details, and never stress again about paying too much for your travel insurance coverage!

To make your vacation easier to manage, use our travel kit which has three sections: a travel checklist, emergency contact information sheet, and a travel itinerary. For your convenience, you have the option of emailing your travel kit straight to your inbox or printing a wallet-size copy of your information.

Travel Insurance Resources From The Government Of Canada

Looking for more information about travel insurance in Canada and for Canadians abroad? The Government of Canada has many resources to help:


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  • Travel Insurance For Family Or friends Coming To Visit You In Canada

    Travel health insurance for visitors to Canada helps protect visitors or tourists from unexpected medical costs due to accidents and medical emergencies in Canada. With daily hospitalization rates ranging from $1500 per day to $3500 per day, it is a good idea to purchase proper medical coverage when your family or friends are planning to visit Canada.

  • More Tourists Than Canadians

    The population in Canada is approximately 33.5 million. Did you know that the Canadian government estimates that 35 million tourists visit Canada annually? That's more tourists than Canadians! What does this mean for tourists visiting Canada?

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    Ever wonder where Canadians like to travel most? We have compiled the top 10 countries visited most by Canadians. Regardless of where you travel, travel medical insurance is a must-have for all-travelling Canadians.

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    Millions of Americans travel to Canada every year. Do you ever wonder which state's residents come to visit Canada the most? We have compiled a list of the top 15 states whose residents visited Canada in 2009.

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Looking for more travel insurance news & articles? Our online resource can inform you on travel insurance related topics ranging from policies, coverage, travel tips, cross-border travel, required travel documents, statistics and other resources. With our online resource, you can learn the essentials of travel insurance and get the peace of mind you need for a safe and happy trip.

Travel Insurance Forum

Our online community can help you learn which travel insurance policies or options may be best suitable for your travels. Share and discuss any travel insurance related questions, concerns or comments you may have with industry experts and other travellers like you. Get the information you need so you can make an informed decision about purchasing your travel insurance policy.

Visitors To Canada/International Students Forum

Are you planning to visit or work in Canada on a temporary basis? Are you an international student from abroad planning to study in Canada? Visit our online question & discussion forum to share and discuss any questions, concerns or comments with industry experts and other international travellers like you. Learn the essentials you need to make an informed decision about your travels to Canada.

Travelling abroad to study can be a memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience for students. Living abroad has been widely shown to improve language skills, form lifelong contacts, and develop critical thinking skills on a global level; however, personal safety is critical while visiting another country. It is extremely important to prepare ahead of time. Having travel health insurance is also a great preventative step. Before leaving home, take the necessary precautions to keep important documents and money safe-- these will be your lifelines! Keep reading to find out more tips to have a safe trip abroad to Canada.

Prepare for Travel

Preparation is key when travelling abroad. Planning for potential emergencies is the most important thing you can do for your personal safety. Before leaving home, visit your doctor and make sure you are up-to-date on all immunizations. It is also a great idea to register at your home country's embassy and make a list of important emergency contact numbers. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the current exchange rate and keep abreast of any recent health risks.

Research Your Surroundings

In order to stay safe abroad, it is important to thoroughly research your host country before leaving home. Make sure to learn about any cultural differences, such as accepted manners, niceties, and general attitudes towards women and minorities that may differ than what you are used to experiencing. It is helpful to read about the country's politics, history, and geography in order to become as familiar as possible about the area in which you will live. It might also be fun to check out literature and travel writing in order to gain an insider's perspective about the country.

Safety in Numbers

The most important way to stay safe abroad is to constantly be aware of your surroundings. There is always safety in numbers; so be sure to visit unfamiliar areas with a group of friends. Always tell at least two people where you will be before leaving the apartment or campus, and make sure that friends have access to your emergency contact numbers. For women in particular, travelling with groups of friends (especially at night) is always a smart idea when in an unfamiliar place.

Protect Important Documents/Money

While living abroad, the safety of your passport and money is vital. It is especially important to photocopy important documents-such as your passport, driver's licence, student ID, and health insurance card-and store them in a safe place. For extra protection, think about leaving a copy of these documents with your family, or email them to yourself so that you can easily find them. Consider using credit cards instead of cash while abroad, and make sure to notify your bank and credit card companies that you will be travelling to another country.

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