Since the Canadian dollar is on the rise, are you planning to travel to the USA?

We've all seen plenty of news reports concerning the state of the Canadian dollar lately. Being on par with the USA dollar (or close to it) is great news for shoppers planning to travel to the USA for the weekend. It's also great news for those travellers who wish they could get away a bit more than they usually do since it's less expensive to do so.

So what exactly has changed? How else can I get more bang for my buck?

Well, the only real thing that has changed to this point is currency conversion. If you're planning to travel to the USA during this peak in the Canadian dollar, remember that just because the dollar is gaining strength doesn't mean everything is cheaper on the other side of the border. Take health care and coverage for example. Everyone knows that if you need to seek medical aid in the USA it'll cost you - more than likely in the thousands of dollars range. And although a thousand dollars is now a thousand dollars no matter if you're counting in Canadian or American currency, it's still a thousand dollars! Not cheap!

What is cheap though is purchasing USA travel insurance - even for those weekend getaways. compares coverage for travel to the USA starting at around $15 dollars per person if you're travelling for 7 days or less. Fifteen dollars is a small price to pay in case you need thousands of dollars worth of treatment for an unfortunate accident such as a broken arm or food poisoning. U.S. travel insurance is an absolute must have.

So what type of USA travel insurance should I get for my trip?

USA travel insurance comes in many different packages for you to choose from. On average, most people can get basic emergency medical coverage for travel to the USA for about $15 which is probably all you need for those short weekend trips over the border; especially if you're taking a few hours to drive over the border rather than fly. If you're taking multiple short trips, an annual USA travel insurance plan will cover you all year for a great price and you'll only have to shop for USA travel insurance once!

If you've decided to book your travel to the US now to take advantage of the strong loonie but are not leaving until the winter or next spring, an all inclusive package is probably a better choice for USA travel insurance coverage. All inclusive USA travel insurance packages are only slightly more expensive than $15; however you get emergency medical coverage along with trip cancellation coverage for the cost of your flight or trip package itself and coverage for all your baggage in case of loss or damage. This type of USA travel insurance package comes in handy when you've spent your time and money finding that perfect flight or travel package for travel to the USA that just happens to be non-refundable. But don't forget, trip cancellation insurance whether on its own or in an all inclusive package must be purchased within 48 hours of paying for your flight or trip package.

Get the Best USA Travel Insurance Coverage at the Lowest Price

Ready? Set? Shop! No matter what length of trip you're taking, get the USA travel insurance you need. With just one visit to you can compare quotes from Canada's leading U.S. travel insurance providers, all in one place. You can even compare coverage for travel to the USA in one easy-to-follow chart. goes that extra step too by offering you the option to complete your purchase over the phone with a licensed agent or even online - quickly, securely and easily!

Visit today to check out your options. Make sure you've covered yourself, your family and your travel to the USA plans so you can take control of how you spend your money while you're away.

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