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For those planning to visit Canada as a tourist, immigrate to Canada, or have family or friends coming for a trip, travel medical insurance is a must. Fill in your details below to get instant visitors to Canada travel insurance quotes from top insurance providers. Read More

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Visiting or immigrating to Canada? Compare Visitors to Canada emergency medical health insurance quotes

Whether you are planning to visit Canada as a tourist, immigrate to Canada, or have family or friends coming for a trip, at KANETIX you can easily compare Visitors to Canada travel insurance quotes and purchase a policy.

KANETIX provides online emergency medical travel insurance quotes for visitors to Canada who:

  • Are tourists planning to travel to Canada for up to a year
  • Are coming to stay with their family or friends for up to a year
  • Have moved to Canada and are awaiting coverage under a provincial health insurance plan
  • Will be working in Canada on a temporary basis

Shop online using the KANETIX quote comparison service for Visitors to Canada emergency medical travel insurance and save money.

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Why should visitors to Canada get emergency travel health insurance?

Travel health insurance for visitors to Canada helps protect visitors and tourists from unexpected costs due to sudden illness, accidents, or health and medical emergencies while travelling in Canada. In addition to the travel requirements to visit Canada, travel medical insurance is what every visitor to Canada must have. Simply because Canada's well known health care system does not offer free medical care for visitors or tourists. For people coming to Canada, regardless of which top countries visiting Canada or top U.S. states visiting Canada you are coming from, without Visitors to Canada travel insurance coverage, paying for emergency health care out-of-pocket can be costly. Whether it is you or whether your friends or family coming to visit Canada, it is a lifesaver to understand the importance of purchasing insurance when travelling to Canada.

Why should newcomers to Canada get emergency travel health insurance?

If you are immigrating to Canada, or are a new immigrant, you will find that most provinces have a waiting period before you are eligible for public health insurance. The length of time you have to wait will vary by province; however, no matter how long or short this waiting period all newcomers to Canada should consider getting emergency medical health insurance coverage. It will provide coverage at a time when you have no coverage.

Working temporarily in Canada? Coming to Canada to work?

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, every year over 150,000 foreign workers come to Canada to work in temporary jobs. If you are coming to Canada to work on a short term basis, consider purchasing private emergency medical health insurance. Visitors to Canada travel medical insurance is designed to protect foreign workers from emergency medical costs that may occur while in Canada.

Who can get emergency medical travel insurance for visitors to Canada?

Through KANETIX, tourists, travellers and newcomers to Canada can get visitors to Canada travel insurance quotes no matter where you will be moving to or visiting. If you are unsure about the technicalities on visitors to Canada insurance or travel insurance in general, visit Travel Insurance 101 to get some basic information or visit our travel insurance glossary for definitions on key terms. If you are still having trouble or need more clarity, you can explore other travel related questions and answers here.

Whether you will be in Montreal Quebec; Toronto, Ontario; Vancouver, British Columbia; Calgary and Edmonton Alberta; or Halifax, Nova Scotia; you can compare quotes and buy a policy online through KANETIX. With the number of tourists to Canada equalling to Canada's population every year, Canada has proven to be one a worldwide destination hotspot. Don't be stranded without travel insurance protection while visiting Canada. If you are still not convinced, here are 7,000 reasons why visitors to Canada need travel insurance.

What exactly is covered by this medical insurance for Visitors to Canada policy?

Visitors to Canada health insurance policies vary from company to company, but standard coverage typically includes medically necessary items resulting from a medical emergency like:

  • Emergency hospital accommodation and medical services
  • Diagnostic services such as X-rays
  • Emergency transportation
  • Emergency dental work
  • Prescription drugs needed as a result of a covered emergency

How much does a Visitors to Canada medical insurance policy cost?

As with all travel insurance prices, visitors to Canada health insurance prices vary depending on your age, pre-existing medical conditions, how long you plan to be insured for and which company you decide to become insured with.

KANETIX shows you various quote comparisons from a number of travel insurance companies who offer travel medical insurance for visitors to Canada, so you can compare coverage and price all in one step. For example, if you're under age 30 and:

  • travelling for 7 days, you can get $25,000 in coverage starting as low as $16 CAD
  • travelling for a month, you can get the same coverage for as low as $71 CAD
  • travelling for 6 months, you can get the same coverage for as low as $413 CAD

The quotes, obtained in December 2012, are for policies without a deductible.

When comparing policy prices, pay close attention to whether or not there are deductibles. A deductible is a portion of a claim that you pay. Sometimes policies with deductibles save you more than the amount of the deductible itself; this is most likely to occur with policies with small deductibles like $50.

For more information about visitors insurance to Canada that covers emergencies visit KANETIX. You can also get a quote specific to your needs and connect to buy with any company shown, either over the phone or by purchasing online.

Through KANETIX, not only can you compare visitors to Canada insurance quotes, but you can also compare free travel insurance quotes for Canadians and policies that are designed specifically for international student travel insurance, trip cancellation insurance and Super Visa Canada insurance. We'll help you find travel insurance for seniors, snowbird travel insurance, trip insurance or cheap travel insurance online from many of the top travel insurance companies.

Travel Insurance Resources From The Government Of Canada

Looking for more information about travel insurance for visitors to Canada? The Government of Canada has many resources to help:


  • The Top 10 Countries Visited By Canadians

    Canadians are some of the most well-travelled people in the world. Have you ever wondered where we like to travel to the most? Explore our list of top 10 countries visited most by Canadians.

  • The Top 15 States Visiting Canada

    Millions of Americans cross over the border to Canada every year. In 2009, there were over 11.7 million visits to Canada by US residents. Read more to find out the top 15 states these residents visited Canada in 2009 have come from.

  • Visiting Canada? What Every Visitor Should Purchase Before They Arrive

    Purchasing visitors to Canada travel insurance is a must-have for those planning to visit Canada. Health care can cost thousands of dollars for those coming to Canada without medical coverage.

  • Travel Insurance For Family Or friends Coming To Visit You In Canada

    Without medical coverage, daily hospitalization rates could range from $1500 per day to $3500 per day. Visitors to Canada travel insurance helps protect those coming to visit or to work in Canada from unexpected medical costs caused from accidents, illnesses or injuries.

  • 7,000 Reasons Why Visitors To Canada Need Travel Insurance

    Did you know that the average Canadian hospital stay reportedly cost $7000? Proper medical coverage can help you avoid unexpected medical costs if you are admitted to the hospital due to medical emergency, accidents and illnesses.

  • More Tourists Than Canadians

    It is estimated by the Canadian government that 35 millions tourists visit Canada every year. Compared to the population in Canada of approximately 33.5 million, there are more tourists than Canadians? But what does this mean for tourists visiting Canada?

Travel Insurance InfoCentre

Looking for more travel insurance news & articles? Our online resource can inform you on travel insurance related topics ranging from policies, coverage, travel tips, cross-border travel, required travel documents, statistics and other resources. With our online resource, you can learn the essentials of travel insurance and get the peace of mind you need for a safe and happy trip.

Travel Insurance Forum

Our online community can help you learn which travel insurance policies or options may be best suitable for your travels. Share and discuss any travel insurance related questions, concerns or comments you may have with industry experts and other travellers like you. Get the information you need so you can make an informed decision about purchasing your travel insurance policy.

Visitors To Canada/International Students Forum

Are you planning to visit or work in Canada on a temporary basis? Are you an international student from abroad planning to study in Canada? Visit our online question & discussion forum to share and discuss any questions, concerns or comments with industry experts and other international travellers like you. Learn the essentials you need to make an informed decision about your travels to Canada.

Other travel insurance quotes options

Are you a student from another country planning on studying at a school in Canada? KANETIX provides online quotes for international travel health insurance for international students studying in Canada. International travel insurance quotes are available for individual students studying in Canada only. Get a rate today.

It doesn't matter if you're the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Montreal Quebec, Toronto Ontario, Vancouver British Columbia, Calgary and Edmonton Alberta, or Halifax Nova Scotia, you can compare quotes and buy a Super Visa health insurance policy online through KANETIX from any of the featured insurance companies. Get a rate today.

Whether you are a Canadian travelling within Canada or abroad, KANETIX can easily help you save time and money on your travel insurance. KANETIX offers a fast, easy and secure online travel insurance quote comparison service in a one-stop shopping environment. Get a rate today.

Are you worried that the flight or travel package you purchased may be disrupted or for any reason you are unable to take your trip at all? Trip cancellation or trip interruption insurance, depending on the travel insurance provider, can cover you for up to the full cost of your travel package due to certain unforeseen circumstances. Compare trip cancellation insurance quotes and policies at KANETIX to get the peace of mind you need. Get a rate today.

Calling all Snowbirds, KANETIX is one of the best places for you to shop for your snowbird travel insurance and snowbirds medical insurance. Are you heading south to Florida? Arizona? The Caribbean? Maybe you're going as far as Australia or staying closer to home, as in Victoria, BC. No matter where you're going or for how long, you could save significantly on your snowbirds travel insurance by comparison shopping. Get a rate today.

Looking to save time and money on your travel insurance? KANETIX can help you find the cheapest travel insurance quotes from the top travel insurance companies in Canada. In just a few minutes, you can save up to an average of 50% on your travel insurance with the one-stop shopping environment at KANETIX. Get a rate today.

Download the KANETIX Travel Insurance App on your smartphone device to compare and purchase travel insurance online when you are on the go. With this app, you can use the travel checklist, search for attractions in your destination and check weather forecasts. In addition, you can subscribe to reminders for policy renewal, revisit your saved quote comparison details, and never stress again about overpaying on your travel insurance coverage!


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