Your Travel Kit

Don't get caught unprepared. Use the travel kit to let your loved ones know where you'll be and when. Plus, keep a copy for yourself. That way you'll have all the phone numbers and contact details you need, handy.

Your Personal Contact List

Who has my...? Contact name Contact phone number
Copies of my travel itinerary
Copies of my passport
House keys
Children's school schedule
Children's teacher's name(s)
Veterinarian contact information
Alarm system company info and code(s)
Copy of travel insurance policy
Copy of auto insurance policy
Copy of home insurance policy
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Print a wallet sized copy of my contact list

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Emergency contact list

In case of an emergency you can contact the following Canadian government agencies for assistance:

How to contact Contact number or email
Collect phone number for Canadian citizens outside of Canada 613-996-8885
Toll-free number for Canadian citizens outside of Canada The number varies depending on the country you are visiting. From the dropdown menu, select the country you'll be visiting to get the phone number.
For calls originating in Canada 1-800-267-6788 or 613-944-6788
Email address
Fax 613-943-1054

 Print a wallet sized copy of Emergency Contacts

Canadian Government Office Abroad

To find the Canadian Government Offices operating in the country (or countries) that you'll be visiting, check out the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada listing at

Make sure to note the address, telephone number, email, and fax for the Canadian office in each country you'll be visiting.

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