City drivers around the world have long known the advantages of scooters, and Canadian urban dwellers are catching on that scooters for commuters have benefits.

An Inexpensive Investment

If public transit isn't an option, a scooter is an affordable way to get motoring. A quick online search at the sites of some scooter manufacturers (Honda Motorcycle, Yahama Motor Canada and of course Vespa Canada) shows that new scooters range in price from about $1,999 to $10,499. Depending on your needs, it's probably cheaper than purchasing a new car. And if you consider some of the other ways you'll be saving, it could pay for itself in the long run.

  • Save On Gas
    Unlike most cars, a scooter gets great mileage, and in comparison, a tank of gas for a scooter will cost a fraction of what it takes to fill up your SUV. Plus, you'll be filling up less often.

    How much gas will you use? It will vary depending on the scooter you buy and the way you drive, but many 50 cc scooters get around 35 kilometres (or more) to every litre of gas. Compare this to the Toyota Prius (2012) which according to the Fuel Consumption Guide gets about 28.5 kilometres of city driving to every litre of fuel.

  • Fewer Parking Worries
    The best thing about driving a scooter is that you can pretty much fit into any parking space, and in some places you may even be permitted to park on sidewalks or near bike racks (check this with your city by-law enforcement department or local police). This means you'll get to avoid having to pay for parking; yet another bonus to driving a scooter.

    Did you know some cities won't charge you to park your scooter if it is parked on a city street where other cars have to pay a meter or get a voucher from one of those pay-and-display machines? It's true in the City of Toronto.

  • Cheap Insurance
    To top it all off, if you're debating between buying a scooter or a car chances are the insurance for the scooter is cheaper.

    To illustrate, online quotes for a popular scooter (a Vespa) and an equally popular car (a Toyota Corolla) were obtained for a 25-year old with a clean driving record who's been licensed for the last 5 years, living in Calgary and Toronto. In both scenarios, the scooter was cheaper to insure than the car; in Calgary it was $1,000 cheaper, and in Toronto $560 cheaper.

    In this particular example, the scooter costs less to insure than a car in both cities. If you think about the savings you'll be making in gas on top of this, a scooter is a good way to save money on transport.

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Need another reason to scooter?

If you're looking for an eco-friendlier way to get around town, since scooters use less gas, it's not only more economical, but better for the environment than a gas guzzling SUV.

But remember to shop around...

Whether you decide to purchase a scooter or stick to a car, it's always a good idea to compare insurance rates. Every insurer has their own way of rating vehicles so what you pay with one insurer is unlikely to be the same with another, making shopping around for the coverage you need the best money-saving insurance tip around.

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