Working in Canada

There are many great opportunities for jobs in Canada for people who plan to immigrate and work in Canada. Certain perks with jobs in Canada, such as health and dental coverage for employees and their families are a huge beneficial factor for immigrants looking for work in Canada. But, did you know that coverage for things like emergency medical procedures are not included in employee benefits packages as they are covered under provincial health plans?

Compare Canadian health insurance coverage while you work in Canada

It's a good idea for all international immigrants looking for jobs in Canada to compare options for Canadian health insurance coverage for two main reasons:

  • If the company you work for in Canada has a benefits program, you will not be covered for prescription costs, dental work or optical needs, if available, until after the probation period that applies to you has passed.
  • Even after your benefits kick in, you are not covered for medical coverage under Canadian provincial health plans as you are not a Canadian citizen. Insurance coverage for emergency hospital and medical care such as surgery, doctors fees, certain immunizations and even medical maternity care are not included in employer benefits as these are taken care of by each province where you work in Canada.

How to buy Canadian health insurance coverage for jobs in Canada:

You should buy coverage prior to starting work in Canada. Your best bet is to buy coverage before you enter the country at all. Sites like make it easy for you to research, compare and buy health insurance options online. There are many companies to choose from with different coverage options for each company.

Included services in most Canadian health insurance for visitors plans are:

  • Coverage for a minimum of 1 day up to 365 days.
  • Maximum coverage amounts such as $10,000, $50,000 and $150,000.
  • Emergency hospital medical care.
  • Emergency transportation.
  • Accidental dental care.
  • Prescription drug expenses.
  • Expenses for a return home in case of an accident, injury or death.
Each policy for Canadian health insurance coverage is different, so make sure you compare your options to get the best insurance for your needs prior to entering the country.

Get medical insurance for you and your family when you work in Canada.

Whether you're planning on travelling to Canada for vacation or moving permanently to work in Canada, you're not initially covered for medical expenses when you enter the country. Don't take any unnecessary risks when you can get a quote in minutes and buy instantly online at

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